Acacia: The War with the Mein. Leodan Akaran, ruler of the Known World, has inhe. With the first two books in the Acacia Trilogy, A. The final installment in David Anthony Durham's Acacia trilogy is due out in early October (at least in the U.S), and as I hadn't read these. Acacia by David Anthony Durham. Leodan Akaran, ruler of the Known World, has inherited generations of apparent peace and prosperity, won ages ago by his.


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Durham has cut out 14, words of this volume in the newest release.


This series has been compared to George R. Both deal with young characters, lots of political intrigue, vast scope, and low on magic.

Acacia: The Other Lands - Wikipedia

I have to admit that Mena is just as cool as Acacia david anthony durham in a lot of ways, not the least of which is the fact that she's a sword-wielding noble's daughter. And for 22 generations, they've sent a yearly shipment of child slaves to mysterious traders beyond their borders, "with no questions asked, no conditions imposed on what they did with them, and no possibility that the children would ever see Acacia again.

In the opening pages, an assassin from the Meins—a "bickering people" from the acacia david anthony durham North, "as harsh and prone to callousness as the landscape they inhabited"—is on his way to the capital city with his sights set on King Leodan, the children's kind and hapless father.

The Akaran children must flee their sumptuous palace for hostile country, with no god-like lion poised to give his life for theirs.

Acacia: The War with the Mein

The Acacian god, the Giver, has forsaken them. Durham sacrifices nothing—not acacia david anthony durham acuity, not political complexity, not lyrical phrases—as he drives the plot of this gripping book forward. The names of people and places sound as if they've been recalled from a dusty past, not cobbled from J.


Tolkien's Middle Earth, a far too common practice among fantasy writers. Tropes that sound outlandish—"dream-travel," for one—are credible in Durham's telling. And the story always surprises.

David Anthony Durham — Acacia

Characters that seem poised to take center stage are killed abruptly. The rickety supports that grand empires rest on clearly fascinate Durham—the long-time advisers who have grown acacia david anthony durham, the client states that fake their willing submission, the trading monopoly that sees profit in regime change.

And the Akaran aristocracy is deaf to the rumblings beneath them.


Hanish, the clear-eyed leader of the Meins and architect of the coming disaster, relishes their complacency: Palace guards and household servants slaughter their masters.

The Meinish have allied with the Acacia david anthony durham, "screaming, stomping, mirthful agents of carnage," who cut a gruesome swath through the land. Plague strikes the Acacian army, and its soldiers sweat blood and "lay prostrate in writhing intimacy with the earth.

Acacia by David Anthony Durham

But as exciting as all this is, the collapse of the Akaran empire is only the beginning of this grand tale. A deadly assassin sent from a race called the Mein, exiled long ago to an acacia david anthony durham stronghold in the frozen north, strikes at Leodan in the heart of Acacia while other enemies unleash surprise attacks across the empire.

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On his deathbed, Leodan puts into play a plan to allow his children to escape, each to their separate destiny. There are also a few surprising twists thrown in and we see DAD using his skill as an historical writer to flesh out the background to the Acacian world and neighbouring worlds to give them depth and acacia david anthony durham.

David Anthony Durham — Acacia Map

It is a world of political intrigue, ambition and slavery as well as one acacia david anthony durham honour, strength and myth.

Not all parties are what they seem and nothing is quite what you would expect as it breaks from the usual fantasy conventions.

We are also made aware of the mysterious Lothan Akun and this allows exploration for the subsequent two books in the trilogy.

Plot summary[ edit ] Several years have passed since the demise of Hanish Mein.

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