Buy downloadable games from Bohemia Interactive. Is this a free guide or an officially endorsed bohemia product? Is the PDF free or do you pay for it? Any help is appreciated. I have the supporters edition. Dslyecxi has released the online edition of his Arma 3 Tactical Guide - Tactics, Techniques & Procedures on the website.


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In we were platoon strength - in and beyond, we operate at the company level.

Arma 3 Tactical Guide: Dslyecxi’s Arma3 Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures Guide

Our infantry platoons have been reworked for a variety of reasons, detailed within, while we see a new set of roles emerge with our Company Commander, as well as changes to how our Platoon Commanders operate and how our attachments and crew-served weapons teams are employed.

Arma 3's infantry-centric improvements manifest themselves most strongly in the Basic Infantryman chapter, which goes into detail about the new inventory systems, weapon and gear modularity, stance adjustments, and much more.

The enhancements don't stop there - each chapter has been carefully reviewed and refined, with obsolete techniques culled and new ones introduced.

I'm very proud of these sections, and I hope those who chip in for a Deluxe guide enjoy reading them as much as I did creating them. All told, this arma 3 tactical guide has ended up as aboutwords worth of content, with hundreds of pictures arma 3 tactical guide illustrations to further flesh it out.

As before, there is no military fluff here.


Every topic covered arma 3 tactical guide truly relevant to the series - whether in the vanilla game or in one of countless community modifications or missions. This is the sort of information that our players use every session to work as a well-oiled and diverse team.

We have maintained a very pragmatic outlook on military simulation milsim and have taken every measure possible to avoid doing things "because the real military does them" and thus becoming what arma 3 tactical guide call "hardcore milsim".

In our eyes, hardcore milsim is chock-full of "tactical fluff" that is irrelevant to the games at hand. This hardcore milsim typically presents itself though excessive rules, regulations, attempted recreations of full military rank structures far beyond what is relevant in the scope of your average Arma 3 tactical guide mission, doing things "because the real military does them" regardless of their actual application to the game at hand, and other things that we believe do not have a place in these games.

Where do I find the "Tactical guide" in PDF format? :: Arma 3 General Discussions

This guide reflects that mindset as well. One thing that I noticed back before doing my first guide was that military-game guides commonly fell victim to two pitfalls - the first being the recitation of actual military publications, without any attempt to separate arma 3 tactical guide wheat info relevant to gaming from the chaff military or real-world procedures that are irrelevant or not simulated in games.


Now, don't get me wrong - there are many things that can be learned from military publications and field manuals, and this guide benefits heavily from being referenced against a number of such manuals. However, this is not a recitation of them word-for-word, arma 3 tactical guide that would be pointless.

The information presented here is what is truly relevant to the game, as we have experienced through our years of gaming.

Tactical guide hidden in your ARMA3 folder – DPSO

Another thing that must be kept in mind is that the kind of missions most commonly found in games like Arma — in the real world — require a massive amount of planning and preparation arma 3 tactical guide well-trained professional military personnel well before the first shot is ever fired.

The goal of groups like ShackTac is to be able to play to the best of our ability without requiring such huge time-sinks in the pre-mission planning. Basically, we want to get the best results we can without having arma 3 tactical guide spend hours in advance planning out each operation.

Planning is great, but we strive to keep the initial planning short arma 3 tactical guide sweet - minutes at most - and further develop our plans as we carry out the mission.

After all, as the saying goes: The second pitfall is that of being "gamey". These "gamey" guides also tend to give arma 3 tactical guide that are meant to exploit the game itself.

I don't believe in those types of guides, so if that is what you're fond of, my apologies - you won't find it here.

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