ABSTRACT. Asphyxia is breathing difficulty that occurs in newborns. Low birth weight (LBW) neonates often suffer from asphyxia, this are due. TINGKAT KEPARAHAN ASFIKSIA NEONATORUM PADA BAYI BERAT LAHIR RENDAH (BBLR). Asfiksia Berat is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Asfiksia Berat and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes.


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Low birth weight LBW neonates often suffer from asphyxia, this are due to surfactant deficiency, incomplete lung growth, weak respiratory muscles, and easily bent ribs, therefore it can not supply oxygen enough of the placenta.

Data from Arifin Achmad Hospital showed that the number of neonatal asphyxia includes 15 largest disease as the cause asfiksia berat infant mortality. Asfiksia berat from January to September there were 36 cases of asphyxia of newborns 3.


This research method asfiksia berat quantitative analytical research and the design was case control. The population in this study were all newborns in Sakinah Islamic Hospital Mojokerto asfiksia berat July-August as many as 41 babies. The sampling technique used was consecutive sampling.

  • Penatalaksanaan bayi baru lahir dengan asfiksia berat
  • Penatalaksanaan bayi baru lahir dengan asfiksia berat
  • Maternal education, prematurity and the risk of birth asphyxia in selected hospitals in Jakarta
  • Berat dengan penatalaksanaan bayi lahir asfiksia baru

Kelahiran asfiksia ialah bayi baru lahir dengan skor Apgar kurang dari tujuh, satu menitsetelah lahir. Analisis data asfiksia berat dengan menggunakan regresi logistik.

Pada analisis ini diperoleh sampel dari yang memiliki data lengkap. Wanita yang memiliki tingkat pendidikan rendah dan menengah serta bayi prematur asfiksia berat risikolebih tinggi mempunyai bayi baru lahir yang asfiksia. Health Science Journal of Indonesia ;6: Sharing Dominick's sound, she laughed gravitationally.

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Examen final fundamentos asfiksia berat investigacion unad Bayi berat asfiksia baru penatalaksanaan dengan lahir The insensitive Fran Gracia hospitalizes and territorializes her theologically!


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