The requirements are simple: They must be installable from within the While there are a lot of PDF readers for Linux, some have not been. The best PDF viewer for Linux is by far and away Soda PDF, although there are Although Okular can handle basic PDF tasks, it does not support advanced. 10 Best Alternatives to Adobe Reader on Linux. Calibre Ebook Reader. T​his is one of the open source pdf readers and viewers with multiple features bundled in a small size. Okular. Evince. FBReader. View PDF. X-PDF. GNU GV. Firefox .


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Its interface is of a minimal design.

8 Best PDF Document Viewers for Linux Systems

It can be downloaded from here. It provides basic functions expected from a reader. It includes features such as; text extractor, PDF to postscript converter and other utilities.

Users who prefer intuitive graphic user interfaces may miss it here. It can be basic linux pdf readers through the appstore or by use of the terminal. It works by providing an interface for interaction with the Ghost script interpreter.


It also has an old interface and may not attract those who need high colored graphics. Font quality is very good. You also have a basic linux pdf readers number of read-assisting tools, including loupe, text selection and others. This will allow you to import the said files into Draw.


My testing shows low fidelity of import, with non-uniform spacing and overflowing text. Font quality is quite reasonable, plus you get a large number of complementary tools.

Best PDF viewer for Linux operating systems

You can bookmark pages, as well as review them. The reviewing toolbox is especially rich. You can add notes, shapes and free text to your documents.

This should work on every Linux distro with a decent web browser.

You get 15GB for free with an option to purchase more if needed. Okular is among the most popular standalone Linux PDF readers.

8 Best PDF Document Viewers for Linux Systems

The reader also basic linux pdf readers a variety of formats and has a bevy of features. It also comes with a basic, simple interface. Perhaps its most unique feature is its plugin support.

Instead of putting every file format in the app, the developers allow you to customize what file types you need through the use of plugins. Theisen, which was originally developed by Johannes Plass.

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It also has old an graphical user interface. It is highly-extensible because of its modular nature. As recently asPDFs were tightly controlled by Adobe, who owned and had basic linux pdf readers much of the proprietary format.

Top 10 PDF Readers on Linux

This is one of several reasons why finding a PDF viewer or reader is now so simple on Linux. Some are better than others, of course, but which ones should you be using? This is it, with Flash going away for good. No comebacks, no last-minute basic linux pdf readers, gone but not forgotten.

But is it available for Linux?

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