In Alcatel Lucent's strategic white paper The LTE Network Architecture: A comprehensive tutorial, authors Sudeep Palat and Phillip Godin. This document provides a brief overview of the LTE network architecture as the first technical document of “LTE” area. First, the LTE network. LTE or 'Long Term Evolution', is the new high speed data cellular of CDMA, there are many similarities with the earlier forms of 3G architecture and there is.


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The functions of the key layers of the protocol stacks are briefly described below.

LTE Network Architecture

The RLC protocol has three operational modes i. PGW is responsible for all the IP packet based operations such as deep packet inspection, UE IP address allocation, Transport level packet marking in uplink and downlink, accounting etc.

Basic lte architecture is also responsible for UL and DL rate enforcement.


The HSS is a central database that contains user-related and subscription-related information. The functions of the HSS include functionalities such as mobility management, call and session establishment support, user authentication and access authorization.

LTE Architecture | LTE system architecture basics | tutorials

The access schemes differ between the uplink and downlink: SC-FDMA is used in view of the fact that basic lte architecture peak to average power ratio is small and basic lte architecture more constant power enables high RF power amplifier efficiency in the mobile handsets - an important factor for battery power equipment.

One of the main problems that previous telecommunications systems has encountered is that of multiple signals arising from the many reflections that are encountered. This handles all the communication functions.

This terminates the data streams. This keeps information about the user's phone number, home network identity and security keys etc. For interworking architecture, it is shown as below:

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