Bloodlines: The Legendary is the second Bloodline book for Vampire: The Requiem. It details nine bloodlines who are the stuff of legend, feared by the Kindred. Bloodlines: The Legendary presents nine new Bloodlines for Vampire: the Requiem, all focused around the theme of “legendary.” Think more. In which the gentleman in question reviews Bloodlines: The Legendary, a sourcebook for Vampire: The.


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Few Disciplines inspire such fear and hatred as the Suicide King's Despondand with good reason.

The Kindred play the Danse Macabre in part to distract themselves from the horror and futility of their own existence. This Nosferatu bloodline can abate some of its fearsomeness, but its members must bathe bloodlines the legendary their own blood.

The Galloi have developed a bloodline that is key to there own existance.

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The Discipline of Taurobolium is a single power that gains in intensity as the Galloi becomes more adept with its use. As the vampire becomes bloodlines the legendary capable, she can grant the subject greater refinements to his appearance.


Sixteen retailers have died at the treacherous street among the cities of Cabed Angren and Sarn Erech. Forlong, a filthy rich landowner, believes that bandits are in the back of the killings and has provided a wealthy gift bloodlines the legendary his or her extermination.

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Nine new, secretive vampire bloodlines bloodlines the legendary your chronicle Unique, strange and elusive DisciplinesDevotions and rituals New character types for players and Storytellers Bloodlines the legendary Fiction by Chuck Wendig.

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Carlo, a young vampire, goes with the Ventrue Gould to visit Jubal Macellariuswho is to arbitrate just compensation for a slight Carlo received from Gould in Bloodlines the legendary.

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