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An assassin descends on Mellar, but Vlad and his friends thwart him as well.

On reflection, Vlad realizes that Mellar's bodyguards, who are always hovering nearby, were mysteriously absent during the attempt on his life. Vlad manages to deduce, with the help of some other information gathered by his second-in-command, Kragar, that it is Mellar's intention to be assassinated.

Mellar is a half-breed—a mix of Dragon, Jhereg and Dzur—and intends, through his death, to get his revenge on all his parent Houses by causing two to book of jhereg into war and leaking information that would forever shame the third.

Having solved the mystery of Mellar's crime, Vlad finally realizes how to solve his own dilemma. With the help of nearly all book of jhereg his friends, Vlad tricks Mellar into thinking he has killed Aliera, which would nullify his guest-rights with Morrolan.

Mellar, believing his plan is ruined, flees Castle Black book of jhereg avoid a purposeless death at the hands of the Jhereg.

The Book of Jhereg by Steven Brust |

This actually takes him out of Morrolan's protection. Vlad follows him and engages the master swordsman in a duel.

book of jhereg While near defeat, Vlad uses witchcraft to contact a nearby wild jhereg. With this second jhereg's help, Vlad kills Mellar, earning a vast bounty and saving two Houses in the same stroke.

  • The Book of Jhereg (Vlad Taltos) by Steven Brust
  • Title: The Book of Jhereg
  • Jhereg (novel) - Wikipedia
  • Paperback Editions

Rocza, the name given by Vlad to his second familiar, mates Loiosh. The House of the Jhereg[ edit ] This Great House maintains an Empire spanning criminal organization, which supports itself by book of jhereg supporting and taking advantage of Easterners and those under House Teckla, and is secretly sanctioned by the Book of jhereg because this helps maintains efficiency and order.

This House is unique in that they do not have a specific genetic identity; they are a collection of those from all the other Houses who were either rejected by their House, or failed to identify with their House of origin.

They are also the only House that accepts Easterners, considered non-human by Dragaerans, into their ranks through purchasing a Jhereg title.

He is a jolly enough book of jhereg and has his own code of honor, but he also has no compunction about having a random woman murdered because her boyfriend was overheard gossiping.

Pretty much innocent gossip, too, not mafia Jhereg secrets that he should have known were dangerous.


His friends also have virtues -- usually book of jhereg or commitment to keeping their oaths, very medieval -- but they are certainly not the "good guys". Vlad mentions in passing of Morrolan that "he has been known to sacrifice entire villages to her [the Demon Goddess].

The Book of Jhereg (Vlad Taltos, #) by Steven Brust

Those faceless little villagers, book of jhereg what if they die? This is a light read for entertainment, they aren't real people. Maybe our morals and affections are supposed to mimic those of the characters, where only the people they care about matter and other people's lives or rather, deaths are inconsequential.

On the other hand, maybe we are supposed to be struck by the rupture book of jhereg rooting for "heroes" who really aren't.

The Book of Jhereg

There are two main races, what we would call humans Easterners like Vlad and the Dragaerans, a tall, very long-lived people who consider themselves book of jhereg be the humans.

The Dragaerans have several different clans, including the Jhereg. Technically, Vlad is a Jhereg since it is possible to purchase membership and his father did so when he was young.


Resurrection and teleportation are both possible and there are assassins, thieves, magic users book of jhereg enchanted weapons galore. In addition, everyone is badass.

Vlad is both an assassin and a witch with a jhereg familiar a dragon small enough to sit on his shoulder that can poison.

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His wife is also an excellent assassin and has some abilities with witchcraft, although not as much book of jhereg Vlad. His Dragaeran friends are all both talented mages and warriors and in general very powerful and useful to have around. Book of jhereg this book was about an assassin, I expected to find Vlad interesting to read about but difficult to sympathize with.

I was pleasantly surprised to find this was not the case, particularly in the third book where Vlad is more analytical about what he does and why.

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