Categories of Crops in India. Food Crops (Wheat, Maize, Rice, Millets and Pulses etc.) Cash Crops (Sugarcane, Tobacco, Cotton, Jute and Oilseeds etc.) Plantation Crops (Coffee, Coconut, Tea, and Rubber etc.) Horticulture crops (Fruits and Vegetables). Find a list of + cash crop farming business opportunities for the farmers and entrepreneurs in In India, corns are third major cash crops after rice and wheat. India was ranked second at 42,, pound bales. A cash crop or profit crop is an agricultural crop which is grown to sell for profit. It is typically.


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Sugarcane in South India is of the tropical variety and high sugar content and high yield. Medium and heavy soils where irrigation facilities are available are ideal for its cultivation.

It can be grown on a variety of soils and needs manual labour from the time of sowing to harvesting. It is a long maturing crop planted between February and April.

Harvesting begins in October and November. It is a soil-exhausting cash crops in india and thus needs regular application of manure or fertilisers.

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India is considered the original homeland of sugarcane and has the largest area under sugarcane in the world. India is the second largest producer of sugarcane only after Brazil.

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Cotton India is believed to be the original home of the cotton plant. When the market is left with no idea what authorities would do next, panic sets in.

Traders sold off stocks and retired hurt. Government action became an 'unseen' tax on future supply.

Part 3 | Important Cash Crops and Plantation Crops in India – Civilsdaily

No one sees any long-term incentive in pulses, leaving us trapped in the vicious cash crops in india. The results of the government's own investment in cash crops through irrigation, research, mechanization, seeds are visible from the sector's dire straits.

Wheat and rice were its only success story.


There too, the policy distorted market signals and made them into a political, ecological and economic millstone. Rising population and prosperity is expected to increase India's food consumption from Rs 23 cash crops in india crore in to Rs 42 lakh crore bysays the Boston Consulting Group.

Kalyan Sona, Sonalika, Heera Temperature: Clay loam, Sandy loam Major Producers: Uttar Pradesh Highest cash crops in india Hectare Yield: Karnal, Haryana Image source: India ranks 3rd in the production of cotton worldwide.

It is a dry crop but roots need timely supply of water at maturity. Black soil Highly water retentive soil Major Producers: Gujarat According to the report Research Centres: Nagpur, Maharashtra Image source: Black cotton found in the Deccan.

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