The word comes from the name of the Roman goddess of vegetation, Ceres. There are several theories held by cereologists who think crop circles are the result. Crop circles — strange patterns that appear mysteriously overnight in farmers' The mystery has inspired countless books, blogs, fan groups. A crop circle or crop formation is a pattern created by flattening a crop, usually a cereal. . The creation of the circle was recorded and used in the Discovery Channel documentary Crop Circles: Mysteries in the Fields. In , The Guardian  ‎History · ‎Art and business · ‎Creation · ‎Alternative explanations.


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The mystery of the Crop Circles

Academic research has crop circles mystery acknowledged the importance of crop circles mystery paranormal groups and international conferences that engage paranormal phenomena — in particular ghosts, UFOs and cryptids such as sasquatch. My study helps explain how paranormal organizations and conferences are contributing to these sociocultural changes.

The French philosopher argues there is an unstable relationship between linguistic meaning and units of signification, that is, the visible patterns of words, dreams, symbols and visual art.

Because there is no inherent meaning in any given signifier crop circles mystery always relies on another word and a wider contextand art and symbols are conceptually opaque by default, they necessarily defy easy rational understanding.

A crop circle enthusiast from Dublin lies on the ground to connect with what he believes are sacred energies in a crop crop circles mystery in Wiltshire, England, in July. Paul KingsburyAuthor provided Case in point: One day during the conference, I went to visit a crop circle with fellow researchers only to find a sign on a gate to the property: Because we could not proceed without trespassing, we got back into the car.

The Crop Circle Mystery: A Closer Look

For one researcher, this transgression was troubling because it exhibited the crass consumption of what crop circles mystery believed was a sacred phenomenon.

The tension between the appearances and meanings of crop circles also informed the tricky patience demanded in a sacred geometry workshop. It was astonishing fractal pattern called a Julia Set, and while some simple or rough circles might be explained away as the result of a strange weather phenomenon, this one unmistakably demonstrated intelligence.

The only question was whether that intelligence was terrestrial or extra-terrestrial. crop circles mystery


Making the design all the more mysterious, it was claimed that the circle appeared in less than an hour crop circles mystery during the daytime — which, if true, would be virtually impossible for hoaxers to accomplish.

The circle became one of the most famous and important crop circles in history. It was later revealed that the circle had in fact been made crop circles mystery about three hours by three hoaxers very early that morning.

The UnMuseum - Crop Circles

It simply hadn't been noticed until the following afternoon when spotted from an airplane overhead. People inspect crop circles within a golden wheat field in Switzerland.

The photo was taken crop circles mystery July 29, The real question is crop circles mystery what creates them — and there are ways to investigate that question.


We can look at both internal and external evidence to evaluate crop circles. Internal information includes the content and meaning of the designs is there anything that crop circles mystery that any information contained in the "messages" is of extraterrestrial origin?

Crop circle enthusiasts have come up with many theories about what create the patterns, ranging from crop circles mystery plausible to the absurd.

One explanation in vogue in the early s was that the mysterious circle patterns were accidentally produced by the crop circles mystery vigorous sexual activity of horny hedgehogs. Some people have suggested that the circles are somehow created by localized and precise wind patterns, or by scientifically undetectable Earth energy fields and meridians called ley lines.

Others, such as molecular biologist Horace Drew, suggest that the crop circles mystery lies instead in time travel or alien life.


He theorizes that the patterns could be made by human time travelers from the distant future to help them navigate our planet.

Drew, working on the assumption that the designs are intended as messages, believes he has decoded crop circle symbols and that they contain messages such as "Believe," "There is good out there," "Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises," and "We oppose deception" all, presumably, in English.

However, these odd, pseudo-biblical messages undermine the credibility of the crop circles, or at least the meaning read into crop circles mystery. Of all the information that an extraterrestrial intelligence might choose to convey to humanity — ranging from how to contact them to engineering secrets of faster-than-light travel — these aliens chose to impart intentionally cryptic messages about false gifts, broken promises, and hope for mankind along with what seems crop circles mystery be a reference to a popular "The X-Files" crop circles mystery.

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