CSDR refers to the European regulation on improving securities settlement in the EU and on its central securities depositories. It aims to: Increase the safety and efficiency of securities settlement and settlement infrastructures in the EU. Harmonize the way CSDs across EU operate. The official regulatory technical standards (RTS) were published in the Official Journal on 10 March CSD license application files were submitted to the. In the UK, the CSD is Euroclear UK & Ireland Limited, which owns and The Central Securities Depositories Regulation (CSDR), alongside the Markets in.


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The CSDR is one of the key regulations adopted in the aftermath of the financial crisis. Its objectives are to increase the safety and efficiency of securities settlement and the settlement infrastructures in the EU, to harmonise the different rules applicable to Central Securities Csd regulation CSDs in Europe and to establish an enhanced level playing field among these CSDs.

What is the application csd regulation of the CSDR? Switzerland is also to be subject to certain CSDR provisions via bilateral agreement.

No CSD grandfathering process is foreseen whereby previously agreed rules and standards would apply ; therefore, all CSDs will need to undergo an authorisation process to operate under the new regime.

Meeting Central Securities Depositories Regulation (CSDR) requirements

Csd regulation CSDR also introduces measures in its Title II that impact the entire market and the wider financial market infrastructures, including clearing houses and trading venues.

The CSDR is intended to harmonise the legal aspects of securities settlement and the rules for CSDs at an EU-wide level, therefore allowing Csd regulation, which aims to harmonise operational aspects of securities settlement, to achieve its objectives more effectively.

As with any other EU Regulation, its provisions are directly applicable i. With regards to securities settlement, the requirements in the CSDR mainly apply to transferable securities csd regulation defined under the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive.

Members of the European System of Central Banks and other national csd regulation public bodies that perform similar services, which would otherwise qualify as CSDs are exempt from certain requirements under the CSDR including those relating to authorisation see below.

EUR-Lex - R - EN - EUR-Lex

The first measure, as already mentioned above, is that securities must be in electronic book-entry form. By recording csd regulation in book-entry csd regulation, the CSD would keep an electronic record of ownership rather than issuing certificates to investors.

The second measure is the harmonisation of settlement periods for securities transactions. The third measure is improving settlement discipline.

Central bank of ireland

The CSDR requires CSDs to monitor and facilitate a transaction to prevent settlement failure, and if necessary, subject market participants who fail to deliver their securities, to penalties and buy-in procedures requiring the defaulting participant csd regulation buy the securities in the market and deliver them to the csd regulation counterparty.

The applicant CSD needs to submit an application for authorisation to its home Member State competent authority, which will assess the application within 30 working days. The calculation will be done, for each business day a transaction csd regulation to settle after its intended settlement date, up to the moment of the actual settlement date or until the end of the buy-in process.


Buy-ins CSDR imposes a mandatory buy-in process on any financial instrument which has not been delivered within a set period of the intended settlement date. This period depends csd regulation the asset type and liquidity of the relevant financial instrument i.

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CSDs will not have an active role in the buy-in execution. The exclusive responsibility for buy-ins remains at the trading level and with the trading parties or csd regulation central counterparties CCPs in case of cleared trades.

Our local experts are csd regulation the main features of the regulation and adapting our services to minimise the impacts on our clients.


We will be able to provide you with additional insights once the ESMA guidelines on internalised settlement and csd regulation final version of the Technical Standards on Settlement Discipline are published not before Q1

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