Definition of waqf in the dictionary. Information and translations of waqf in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. In the language of law, waqf means detention of a property so that its produce or income may always be available for religious or charitable purposes. When a waif is created, the property is detained or, is 'tied up' forever and thereafter becomes non-transferable. Define waqf. waqf synonyms, waqf pronunciation, waqf translation, English dictionary definition of waqf. n Islam the Muslim practice of endowing property to a.


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The property may not be sold except to replacebe gifted, or inherited. The property remains intact and may not be spent. Only the income generated ie rental or profits from the capital investment is utilised for funding sustainable community and social definition of waqf projects or programmes.

Waqf - Wikipedia

Beneficiaries may be Muslim as well as the poor in the broader community. Of course, waqfs may take the form of masjids, schools, clinics, and other socio-religious assets. The founder cannot also have pledged the property previously to definition of waqf else. These conditions are generally true for contracts in Islam.

All movable goods can also form waqf, according to most Islamic jurists. The Hanafis, however, also allow most movable goods to be dedicated to a waqf with some restrictions. Some jurists have argued that even gold and silver or other currency can be designated definition of waqf waqf.

Waqf Definition:

The founder can specify which persons are eligible for benefit such the founder's family, entire community, only the poor, travelers. Public utilities such as mosques, schools, bridges, graveyards and drinking fountains can be the beneficiaries of a waqf.

Modern legislation divides the waqf as "charitable causes", in which the beneficiaries are the public or the poor and "family" waqf, in definition of waqf the founder makes the beneficiaries his relatives.

There can also be multiple beneficiaries. For example, the founder may stipulate that half the definition of waqf go to his family, while the other half go to the poor. At least some of the beneficiaries must also exist at the time of the founding of the waqf.

An example of a non-existent beneficiary is an unborn child. The beneficiaries must not be at war with the Muslims. Scholars stress that non-Muslim citizens of the Islamic state dhimmi can definitely be beneficiaries.

The beneficiaries may not use the waqf for a purpose in contradiction of Islamic principles. There is dispute over whether the founder himself can reserve exclusive rights to use waqf.

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