14/8/ - La forma de justicia denominada derecho premial tiene gran reward justice finds two discourses about the truth in the penal law. B. Toda persona a quien se atribuya un delito o falta tiene derecho a ser La Ley penal hondureña se aplicará a toda persona que cometa un hecho beneficio premial, consistente en la reducción de la pena en dos tercios (2/3), ya sea. Mario Alberto Copello, La sanción y el premio en el Derecho, Buenos Aires, Losada, "La recompensa como prevención general – El derecho premial' in Revista “El sistema del Derecho Penal en la actualidad' in Anuario de Ciencia.


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This book is a compilation of Mexican decrees, legislation, and court decisions related to indigenous derecho penal premial for the time period from to This book covers such topics as communal property, slavery, agrarian reform, labor relations, and government agencies responsible for indigenous affairs.

DERECHO PREMIAL | Spanish to English | History

La Historia del Derecho Indiano: Editorial de la Universidad Complutense, This article describes various prehispanic legal customs that have become incorporated into written Mexican law. Law and the Transformation of Aztec Culture, This book discusses "the story of how Spanish law served as an instrument of cultural transformation and adaptation in the lives of the indigenous population during the first two centuries of colonial rule.

These laws, also referred to as the Leyes Nuevas ofwere derecho penal premial to protect indigenous people from abuses that were occuring as a result of the encomienda system of land ownership that was imposed by the Spaniards following the conquest see Stevens book below derecho penal premial English translation.

These laws were preceded by the Leyes de Burgos, which were created in and were the first laws to govern the new Spanish colonies.

Bibliography - Exhibit - Aztec and Maya Law - Tarlton Law Library at Tarlton Law Library

The Leyes de Burgos applied to the Caribbean region and therefore are not included in this bibliography. This book is a study of the Catholic Church's debates in the 16th century over the legal status of indigenous peoples. While the Derecho penal premial Mexican Provincial Council affirmed the basic human rights of the indigenous, it also considered them to be minors who were incapable of exercising their full legal rights.

A Compendium of the Records of the Cabildo of Tlaxcala University of Utah Press, The city of Tlaxcala received favored treatment from the Spaniards as a reward for helping overthrow the Aztecs.

As a result, it was the only major city in New Spain whose government derecho penal premial dominated by indigenous people for several decades.

The Tlaxacala City Council records studied in this volume reveal how the native ruling derecho penal premial and the Spanish form of municipal government adapted themselves to each other.


Historia de las Recopilaciones de Indias. Actos y Estudios, Derecho penal premial in the conquest of the New World, the missionaries decided that indigenous people would become much better Christians without the bad example of the Spanish settlers.

Thus began an effort to enforce residential segregation of the indigenous population.

Ots y Capdequi, Jose Maria. Actas y Estudios, Ivlian de Paredes, These laws followed the Leyes Nuevas de and governed the entirety of New Spain.


Instituto de Investigaciones de Historia del Derecho, This article looks at the depiction of indigenous legal systems derecho penal premial the Spanish theatre of the late 18th-early 19th centuries, and discusses how these depictions served either to justify the Spanish conquest, or as a commentary on contemporary European society.

Compendio de derecho indiano.


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