Dragon Magazine # Products. SPORTS TRADING CARDS · HOCKEY TRADING CARDS · HOCKEY ACTION FIGURES · BASEBALL TRADING CARDS. Dragon Magazine was the house organ for TSR and later Wizards of the Coast centering on D&D. At one time it also incorporated Ares Magazine, to offer a look. Dragon Magazine, Issue and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at


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The Gospel herald; or, Poor Christian's magazine - Google Books

Oh, and stop reading. Details about this system follow this sentence.


On the map, you will not find any of the following: Zenythri[ edit ] Short version? Some other lawful outsider knocked up your dragon magazine 297. These originated in the Monster Manual 2, and so in the eyes of some DMs, these are the "official" Axiomatic Planetouched, so they're slightly more likely to let you play dragon magazine 297 than they are to let you play an Axani.

They look like impossibly perfect-featured humans; a zenythri's skin is flawlessly smooth, and its muscles dragon magazine 297 well defined and taut. Even its hair falls effortlessly into place around its handsomely chiseled face.

The only real give-away besides the looks; no human is that good-looking is the fact their skin and hair always has a slight blue or purple tint. Like the Mechantrix, they have a Dragon magazine 297 Manual format, making their player character stats hard to reverse engineer.

Cansin[ edit ] The axani's counterparts, the cansin are the spawn of pure chaos, serving the role of "Anarchic Planetouched," right down to never being as popular or well-supported.

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The purely chaotic outsiders, again, have never been the most interesting, and in fact have tended more towards "lol! Cansin look like humans but always have some strange trait that emphasizes their anarchic dragon magazine 297.


Some examples include eyes that randomly change color and not in synch with each otherirregular features, and an "aura of randomness". They always seem disheveled and disorganized, no matter how hard they try. Chaond[ edit ] Coming from the Monster Manual 2 dragon magazine 297 3.

Not usually the result of mating with a slaad, simply because slaadi "mate" by laying their eggs inside of other creatures with all the romance of a bot fly so their larvae can eat their way out.

They have stocky builds, long limbs and blocky facial features, as well as colors that constantly shift at random. Like their Zenythri counterparts, they have a Monster Manual format, making their player character stats hard to reverse dragon magazine 297. Sadly, this betrays a stunning ignorance of the rules, as multiclassing relies on a starting class being different from a Favored Class to avoid Dragon magazine 297 penalties.


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