You are a son of God. He has restored His priesthood in our day, and He has entrusted you with that priesthood. The purpose of this book is to help you. Available to Members of the Boy Scouts of America. A Scout is reverent. He is reverent toward God. He is faithful in his religious duties and respects the. “Duty to God” is at the heart of the Scouting movement. Religious emblems reinforce this spiritual component and promote many of the values found in the.


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For others, religion addresses only spiritual issues; the material elements of religion are considered unimportant.

These people do not see a conflict between science and religion because the two ask different questions and get different answers. Science finds duty to god, religion or spirituality gives meaning.

Let us now look at the duty to god of Duty to God. Duty to god to God is defined as "Adherence to spiritual principles, loyalty to the religion that expresses them, and acceptance of the duties resulting therefrom" ibid: Fundamental Principles goes on to say: The whole educational approach of the Movement consists in helping young people transcend the material world and go in search of the spiritual values of life" ibid.

Fulfilling My Duty to God

First, Scouting wants people to adhere to spiritual principles, such as valuing emotions and seeing life as having meaning. Second, Scouting duty to god people to be loyal to the religion that expresses their spiritual principles.

A religion is a set of beliefs and practises, not duty to god an organization. Some Scouts will be called to join a formal religious organization, others will express their spirituality outside of such institutions.


duty to god In either case, Scouting believes that people should be loyal to their choice, recognizing that spiritual development would be impaired if a person were constantly changing their religion. Third, Scouting wants people to accept duty to god duties resulting from their spiritual principles, to be active doers, not just passive believers.


What does Duty to God mean? The material elements of religions are not important to Scouting. Just as Scouting does duty to god care whether or not one believes in gravity, it does not care whether or not one believes that a god created the universe, in the material sense.

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Receiving Help The plans that you make in this book are personal, but your parents, quorum members, quorum president, and other Duty to god leaders can help. For example, you can: Ask for their help as you learn your duties and make your plans.

Duty to god quorum president, for example, holds priesthood keys for your quorum, and he has a responsibility to help you learn and fulfill your priesthood duties. Share your experiences with them during interviews, quorum meetings and activities, and informal conversations.

This will help you see the progress you are making and build your confidence in talking about the gospel. The things you share can also strengthen the testimonies of others.

Duty to God Award

Invite your parents or quorum members to make plans too, and duty to god on your plans together. When you work on your plans with someone else, you support and encourage one another. Applying what you learn in this section will help you gain the spiritual strength you need to stay on the path of righteousness.


In Maythe LDS Church announced that in January it will launch a new worldwide initiative duty to god children and youth. As a part of this change, the church will no longer duty to god a chartered organization with the BSA.

Is there something you can do to make the ordinance of the sacrament a more spiritual experience for ward members?

What does Scouting mean by Duty to God?

Write down what the Spirit duty to god you to do. Carry out your plans, and then share your experiences with your quorum members.

You will be richly blessed as you fulfill your duty to God, but instead of focusing on the blessings you will receive, focus on the blessings you can share.

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