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Epilog kudeta G 30 S/PKI : siapa melawan siapa? (eBook, ) []

Received May 20; Accepted Aug Abstract This article discusses the significant impact of the two crucial moments in Indonesia namely, the coup and reformasi reformation in May and the impact towards the Indonesia-Malaysia relationship.

History had demonstrated that both events were followed by some changes in the bilateral relationship. The coup for instance resulted the fall of Sukarno and the collapse of PKI, while reformasi brought the fall of Suharto and the collapse of New Order.

However, it was undeniable that the demands of international situation especially during and after the Cold War were significant factor in driving of ebook g 30 s pki events.

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Cassing argued that after the coup and the collapse of Sukarno, Suharto became synonymous with power and authority, mistrusted political competition and openness, and blaming these for the chaos of the Sukarno era Cassing Both events impacted to the political scenario in Indonesian domestic politics notably in the regime changes.

In the reformasi for instance, Suharto and his military regime collapsed after the huge mass demonstrations by university students, while the coup was an occurrence of regime transformation from Sukarno to Suharto.

The coup was an abortive coup that ended with the tragic tragedy where many Indonesian people were killed, notably the members of Indonesian Communist Party Partai Komunis Indonesia, PKI the largest communist party in the world.

Both events also had a significant impact on the Indonesia-Malaysia relations due to the interplay of domestic politics in the two countries. First, what both events meant for the development of Indonesia-Malaysia relations?

Second, what are the factors, internally and externally, leading to the events? This article attempts to elaborate and answer these questions. This is ebook g 30 s pki the international environment had changed ebook g 30 s pki the communist-capitalist issue has been replaced by new issues namely globalisation.

Pengkhianatan G30S/PKI

Waltz argued that in the ebook g 30 s pki War era the so-called structural realism is still relevant Waltz However, it needs to be emphasized that the role of domestic politics gives an impact to states foreign relations.

By contrast, in the low pressure, states are free to conduct foreign policy Rose We believe that those events have correlation with international situation and the complexity of domestic politics at the same time.

The emergence of the coup and reformasi totally had ebook g 30 s pki influenced by the dynamics of international politics. Furthermore, both events had implications for both Indonesian domestic politics and Indonesia-Malaysia bilateral relations.

Pengkhianatan G30S/PKI (eBook, ) []

In the ebook g 30 s pki section the Coup and Reformasi and its consequences upon Indonesia-Malaysia relations will be analyzed.

The coup and the fall of Sukarno The background of the coup Until recently, the speculation and the research regarding the mystery of the coup had been difficult to explain, particularly the main actors behind the coup. They were unable to finish the research because of limited resources and ebook g 30 s pki from the Indonesian military government.

Fortunately, years later the Central Intelligence Agency CIA released documents and facts which made researchers more optimistic about the prospect of this research Roosa It was undeniable that the United States US played a crucial role behind the coup.


Former Indonesian Ambassador to Cuba, A. In the Cold War era, Indonesia received special ebook g 30 s pki of the great powers the US and its allies because of the huge influence of Indonesian Communist Party PKI at the high levels of Indonesian government as well as at the grass root.

This international situation significantly gave an impact to PKI members in the Indonesian government. The situation in Indonesia becomes a dilemma to communist bloc.

However Indonesia was also under US and capitalist threat.

Moreover, the split of Sino-Soviet relations affected Indonesia-Soviet relations because of Indonesian failure to repay the Soviet Union's military loans of about one billion dollars.

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