Evaluation of indexes of energy performance for industries: foundries, ceramics and paper production. Energy efficiency technical unit of Aeneas. di lavoro dove si stanno definendo i criteri di efficienza energetica, quali ad esempio il system approach, capace di migliorare la potenzialità energetica di una. Soluzioni professionali per l'efficienza energetica di casa ed edifici, impianti di Soluzioni con tecnologie a misura d'uomo sia in ambito civile che industriale.


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Considering the existing studies on barriers on energy efficiency, and in particular on taxonomies aiming at classifying them, through a detailed and thorough analysis of the literature, it has been possible efficienza energetica industriale highlight three main issues that still needed to be addressed.

Firstly, the existing taxonomies on barriers seemed to not encompass all the elements already pointed out in the literature. Secondly, in the efficienza energetica industriale overlaps between the theoretical barriers can be found, causing an incorrect and misleading classification of the barriers.


This is efficienza energetica industriale more relevant for the effective capability of the existing taxonomies from an operational perspective — i. And, thirdly, the existence of implicit interactions between the barriers, that, without being fully and thoroughly analyzed, would not allow a correct comprehension of the mechanisms and dynamics of the barriers.

Moreover, very few studies had been explicitly devoted to investigate barriers to energy efficiency within SMEs.


Therefore, a preliminary investigation of the practical issues SMEs have to face efficienza energetica industriale undertaking the process of investing resources in energy efficiency interventions has been efficienza energetica industriale, providing two main results. Firstly, particular attention should be devoted when considering SMEs as homogeneous, when it is likely not correct.

Indeed, for several barriers investigated, such as lack of time, lack of internal skills, lack of personnel awareness, and difficulty in implementing either management or technical interventions, it has been possible to observe different behaviors among sub-sizes.

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This is an important contribution to the literature, which, as now, has tended to consider those three different kinds of enterprises, with respect to the barriers efficienza energetica industriale energy efficienza energetica industriale, as a whole.

In particular, it has been observed that MLEs suffer from the lack of time or lack of internal skills less than SMEs, due to a more structured organization, e. Moreover, it can be argued that SEs and MEs have a more agile internal structure, that reduces the difficulties in implementing both management and technical energy efficiency interventions, and allows to more closely control the operations of the personnel, developing into it the awareness of the importance of an energy-efficient behavior.


Likewise, but the study represents one of the first contributions in the field, it has been observed a significant difference in the sample according to the sector and previous experience of enterprises with efficienza energetica industriale to energy efficiency.

Secondly, thanks to an analysis of correlation of the barriers, it has been possible to appreciate not only the different results in terms of absolute values, but also efficienza energetica industriale trends in the responses, implying the existence of different dynamics of the barriers.

Energy audit ed Efficienza Energetica – R2M Solution

The latter seemed to represent an element particularly relevant for the research, since, thanks to a more detailed analysis of the effects, it could provide a clearer picture of how the decision-making process affects the viability of the investment.

The suggestions emerged from the preliminary investigation helped to refine how the issues emerged in the literature had to be addressed in a novel holistic i. Considering the first issue, i.

In order to validate the completeness of the new approach, several preliminary case-studies and a larger investigation within SMEs have been conducted. Since all the efficienza energetica industriale emerged in the case-studies and the large investigation have been referred to the elements of the taxonomy, it is possible to say, at least as efficienza energetica industriale result, that the objective has efficienza energetica industriale achieved.

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Nonetheless, a future larger application of the taxonomy could provide the counter prove of the completeness of the new approach proposed. The second issue arisen from the analysis of the literature is the presence of overlaps between the theoretical barriers, causing an incorrect and misleading classification efficienza energetica industriale the barriers.


The new proposed taxonomy has tried to reduce the barriers to the minimum independent terms. The validation of the second issue both through a preliminary test in few case studies and a larger investigation efficienza energetica industriale SMEs brought positive results, with usually low correlations between the barriers.

In this regard, I think that future research will be needed in validating the independence of the terms, but the objective seems to be achieved. The third issue emerged in the literature is the existence of efficienza energetica industriale interactions between the barriers, that, without being fully and thoroughly analyzed, would not allow a correct comprehension of the mechanisms and dynamics of the barriers.

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