HTML embed Tag - Learn HTML to develop your website in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including overview. Jump to Using the applet tag - Note: The HTML specification states that the applet tag is deprecated, and that you should use the object tag instead. A video file can be inserted in a html page in two ways. The first way would be using the embed/> tag. This tag does not need an ending/finishing tag. It works.


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  • HTML Tag: embed | HTML Dog
  • HTML - Embed Multimedia
  • The Tag Attributes

I don't know how to code at all! Let's take a second to break it down: What is an embed code?

Why does Kaltura use the Embed tag Instead of the Object Tag? | Knowledge Center

The "embed code" is a block of HTML which is embedded in the page-source and creates an object in doing so. However, even though the above method seems to work on most deployments, it seems that rare cases such as when the adblock firefox plugin is installed or even when disabled?!

For Internet Explorer only, use the embed tag html tag. For the Mozilla family of embed tag html only, use the embed tag. If you must deploy an applet in a mixed-browser environment, follow the guidelines in the section Deploying Applets in a Mixed-Browser Environment.


Using the applet tag You use the applet tag to deploy applets to a multi-browser environment. For embed tag html details on the embed tag html tag, see the following: The HTML specification states that the applet tag is deprecated, and that you should use the object tag instead.

However, the specification is vague about how browsers should implement the object tag to support Java applets, and browser support is currently inconsistent.

Oracle therefore recommends that you continue to use the applet tag as a consistent way to deploy Java applets across browsers on all platforms.

The following is the syntax for the applet tag. Required attributes are in bold.

Tips and Tricks on HTML embed Tag: HTML Embed Video Code Examples

Optional attributes are embed tag html regular typeface. Values you specify are in italics: So they should not be used rather, it's suggested to use HTML5 tag audio for adding sound.

But still for learning purpose, this chapter will explain bgsound tag in detail. This tag is having only two attributes loop and src. Embed tag html these attributes have same meaning as explained above.

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