ECON 45A2. ECON 45H2. EMOTEC DC EMOTEC DC DB/DL/DLF. EMOTEC HCS EMOTEC HCS DB/DL/DLF. EmoTouch II PB/AF/GF. For operation with control units: ECON A1, ECON A2, ECON H2, EMOTEC B, EMOTEC DC, EMOTEC DC DB/DL, EMOTEC HCS , EMOTEC. Emotec hcs pdf file download. Druck nr nl emotec hcs dlf nl montagehandleiding en gebruiksaanwijzing made in germany ip x4 d druck nr.


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Bi-O Germanius / Germanius - PDF

Main Page Emotec hcs pdf free Electrical connection the electrical connection may only be done by a qualified electrical technician under authority of the regulations of the emotec hcs 9003 power supply company and those of the vde.

Connection fuse control unit in a fuse lsg in a connecting cable main control unit in. Free standing heater ip x4 lsg 5 5 5 4 5 4 saunasteuergerat. Econ a1, econ a2, econ h2, emotec dc, emotec emotec hcs 9003 dbdl, emotec hcsemotec hcs dbd technical details.

Control unit "EMOTEC HCS DL"

Sauna controller service manual eos hcs en nl screw. Emotec hcs emotec hcs db dldlf emotouch ii pbafgf infratouch i af For practical purposes, a silicone line should be used.


If singlewired cables are used as connecting lines, they must be protected by fl exible metal tubing. The minimum diameter of the connecting line and the suitable cabin size in proportion to the po- 5 wer supply capacity are listed in Table 2: During the installation of the sauna heating unit, make certain that the vertical clearance between the upper edge of the sauna heating unit and the sauna ceiling is suffi cient.

The horizontal lateral clearance between the emotec hcs 9003 heating emotec hcs 9003 and the cabin wall is provided in the dimension diagram of the respective sauna heating unit.

Control for EOS Heater - Series Emotec HCS DLF

The required distance between the emotec hcs 9003 edge of the sauna heating unit and the fl oor is also provided by the dimension diagram. In case of fl oor-standing ovens, the distance is determined by the base. Fundamentally, it is important to make sure that the sauna emotec hcs 9003 unit is not placed on a fl oor that consists of an easily fl ammable material wood, synthetic fl ooring or similar material.

Ceramic emotec hcs 9003 or similar materials are practical in the area of the sauna. The distance between the oven safety grid or recliner bench and other fl ammable materials and the sauna heating unit are provided in the dimensional data of the respective sauna heating unit.


The safety grid height must be approximately equal to the frontal height of the sauna heating unit. Electrical connection Your electrician will be able to accomplish this work without further explanation in accordance with the provided wiring schematic and with the help of the circuit diagram mounted inside the respective control unit.

Be sure to note, however, that live wires should not be visibly laid onto the inner cabin walls due to safety considerations. For emotec hcs 9003 reason, the wall element with the air intake vent is already equipped with cable conduits in most sauna cabins Should there be no cable conduits in your cabin, drill an hole in the cabin wall immediately adjacent to the sauna heating unit where the cable projects from the sauna heating unit and pull the cable emotec hcs 9003 this hole towards the exterior and then to the control unit.

The cable as well as all other connecting lines supply wire to the power source and to the cabin lighting on the emotec hcs 9003 wall of the cabin should also be protected from damage, for ex.

GB 5 6 Mounting and electrical connection The scope of delivery should include: Dear customer, according to the valid regulations, the electrical connection of the sauna heater and the control box has to be carried emotec hcs 9003 through the specialist of an authorized electric shop.

We would like to mention emotec hcs 9003 the fact that in case of a warrenty claim, you are kindly requested to present a copy of the invoice of the executive electric shop. The minimum height of the sauna cabin must be 1.

During the installation of the sauna heating unit, make certain that the vertical clearance between the upper edge of the sauna heating unit and the sauna ceiling is at least 90 cm. The emotec hcs 9003 lateral clearance between the sauna heating unit and the cabin wall is at least 4 cm illust.

The distance between the oven safety grid or recliner bench and other fl ammable emotec hcs 9003 and the sauna heating unit is at least 4 cm.

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