Ferdydurke by Witold Gombrowicz, translated by Danuta Borchardt , pages. The author wrote this novel in , and for a little while. [Matching item] Ferdydurke Witold Gombrowicz ; translated from the Polish by Danuta Borchardt ; foreword by Susan Sontag. [electronic resource]. New Haven. Danuta Borchardt, a writer, translator, and former psychiatrist, is best known for The English versions of Ferdydurke, Pornografia, and Cosmos available at that.


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Karsov and French's Trans-Atlantyk is based on the first edition ofwhile you use the second edition of In what ways do these editions differ, and why did you choose the later edition?

The second edition is ferdydurke danuta borchardt one currently in use, and that's the one I happened to have. ferdydurke danuta borchardt

It differs from the first by lesser use of capitals and deletion of a couple of paragraphs, both done by Gombrowicz himself.

Readers of the Polish ferdydurke danuta borchardt sense that each ferdydurke danuta borchardt Gombrowicz's novels, though they all clearly bear the mark of his style, parodies a different literary trend or genre.

This density of references risks getting lost in translation. How did you ensure that your versions of his four novels preserved their distinct style, rather than coming to sound all pretty much the same? First of all, in spite of their density of references as well as similarity of Gombrowicz's philosophy they carry, I think that the novels are very different.

Both in their style and their mood.

Ferdydurke - Wikipedia

Ferdydurke is innovative in style, the mood, for me, is ferdydurke danuta borchardt like "devil-may-care" how I say it. Trans-Atlantyk is written, in large part, in archaic Polish.

Pornografia is largely a stage event, a drama of "let go" and "evil. In translating each one of the novels I had to "find" my voice, a distinct voice.

But in all of them, I read my drafts out loud, I discussed my problems with my colleagues, and consulted both ferdydurke danuta borchardt previous translations and to a lesser extent the French and Spanish translations.

Besides Gombrowicz, you have also ferdydurke danuta borchardt to English readers a collection of poems by Cyprian Kamil Norwid. Is there a difference in your approach to translating poetry versus fiction?

And what attracted you to Norwid's romantic poetry after all those years spent with Gombrowicz? Actually, these two writers are very similar. Gombrowicz's prose is so poetic.

An interview with Danuta Borchardt

And, my translation of Norwid did not happen after Gombrowicz ferdydurke danuta borchardt in-between, strangely enough.

I just loved the way Norwid presented his ideas on the page, with interrupted lines and asterisks and so on.


It looked to me like very contemporary poetry. I wouldn't actually call him Romantic—he's more post-Romantic. I was also fascinated by his ideas—his concerns about people's inhumanity, hypocrisy of the established church, invasions ferdydurke danuta borchardt cultures of China by the French, English, and Americans in the nineteenth century and so forth—they also seemed contemporary.

It's a strange experience, weaving together two different translations and also my own writing. Ferdydurke danuta borchardt difficult in terms of time.

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