Dungeoneer: Advanced Fighting Fantasy (Puffin Adventure Gamebooks) by Steve Jackson; Ian Livingstone at - ISBN - ISBN. , English, Book, Illustrated edition: Dungeoneer: advanced fighting fantasy / Marc Gascoigne and Pete Tamlyn ; illustrated by John Sibbick. Gascoigne. Dungeoneers: Advanced Fighting Fantasy (Puffin Adventure Gamebooks) Paperback – November 2, Dungeoneer is the basic rules for the Advanced Fighting Fantasy role-playing system. The game system is an expansion of the rules used in the Fighting Fantasy game book series.


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Unlike the gamebooks, the characteristics and special skills are not rolled but are bought with creation points.

The fighting fantasy dungeoneer provide fighting fantasy dungeoneer which allow a fast creation: The rules provide difficulty adjustments for given situations e. The combat rules are the same as the gamebooks', except that the points of damage Stamina loss are determined randomly: There are a few combat options: Tower of the Sorcerer The first adventure, Tower of the Sorcerer, sets the players the task of entering the tower of the sorcerer Xortan Throgwho has kidnapped Princess Sarissa of Salamonis.

The players must kill the sorcerer and rescue the Princess.

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However once this task is complete it transpires that the sorcerer who the fighting fantasy dungeoneer have just killed is merely a simulacrum of the real Xortan Throg, leading to the second adventure. Revenge of the Sorcerer The second adventure, Revenge of the Sorcerer, sets the players the task of travelling to the city of Port Blacksand to kill the real Xortan Throg.


fighting fantasy dungeoneer During the adventure the players encounter a ghostly priest called Sargonwho, unknown to the players, in life served Elimthe primal god of darkness. The players bring him back to life using a Crystal of Power in order to gain vital information.

The adventure if successful ends with the players killing the sorcerer by reflecting the Death Spell that he casts at them back, using the Crystal of Power. Please visit the Fighting Fantasy stand at Q10 where Steve will be signing copies of his books at lunchtime.

And please note that online ticket sales close on Thursday night, fighting fantasy dungeoneer if you don't want to miss out on getting in a much shorter queue on Saturday, get your fighting fantasy dungeoneer in advance online here!


With the game having been nominated for an award fighting fantasy dungeoneer this year's Game Connect Asia Pacific Australia's premiere game development conference it seemed like as good a time as any to summon the Tin Man himself, Neil Rennison, to Zagor 's lair to interrogate Blood of the Zombies came out in October and we will have started work on that a few months before, so around four and a half years!

It was a massive undertaking for us to move from our interactive e-book format to a fully fighting fantasy dungeoneer 3D world and all the content that needed to fill it. Ultimately when developing a game of this size there are a lot of moving parts that not only need to work on their own, but need to work with each other.

With all this going on, we also needed to maintain the soul of the original gamebook whilst attending to the needs of a more modern gaming audience.

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