Illustrated by C. Benedek with the title Five Friends Explore Treasure Island Early German reprint published by Blüchert Verlag, Hamburg, illustrated by Nikolaus. Five on a Treasure Island has ratings and reviews. Grace said: Jess, my 7-year old girl, gives it 5 ts while reading:Georgina. “Famous Five 01 - Five On A Treasure Island” By Enid Blyton 2. Chapter One. A GREAT SURPRISE. Contents/Next. "MOTHER, have you heard about our.


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Five on a Treasure Island (Famous Five, #1) by Enid Blyton

The children visit the far side of Kirrin Island and peer down into the water to see an old wreck below the surface. It once contained gold, George explains, but no one ever five on treasure island it.

They return another day, this time bringing a picnic and staying longer so they can explore the castle and roam about the island. But a fierce storm comes along, so fierce that it brings up the old wreck and dashes it on the rocks, where it finally rests above water.

The children are excited! The ship has been explored by divers before, but never above water! Perhaps they can find the missing gold! The third visit to the island is very early the next morning. They want to get to the wreck before anyone else sails past the island and spots it up on five on treasure island rocks.

Enid Blyton - Lashings of Information about the Children's Author

So off they go—and what a discovery they make! An old wooden box lined with tin, with something inside!

Without wanting to give too much away, the rest of the book follows the discovery of this box and its contents. The story flies by, very nicely paced and not entirely unbelievable.

Five On a Treasure Island

The discovery of the box on the old ship was only possible because a storm brought the ship up above the water Being really critical you could make a comment about it being very coincidental that the five on treasure island comes along the very day the children are on the island, after the ship has lain underwater for hundreds of year.

But somehow this doesn't matter, and that means the discovery of the box and its contents, along with the eventual discovery of the old entrances to the castle dungeons, comes into play in a fairly natural, believable way.

As do the bad guys, who show up fairly late when the missing gold is found—and this isn't giving much away, because let's face five on treasure island What complicates things, and gives everything a real sense of urgency, is that these bad guys are about to buy the island after offering a very "reasonable" amount for it—an offer that Uncle Quentin feels he can't refuse.

I couldn't help feeling for George when visitors were gawping at her ship and setting foot on her island. If I owned an island, I don't think Five on treasure island like people just turning up and having picnics on the beach either.

In any case, I completely identified with George in that respect!

Five on a Treasure Island by Enid Blyton

All's well that end's well. The gold is found, and because the island still belongs to Aunt Fanny, the Kirrins suddenly find themselves very rich.

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Excited by these developments, they decide to come back at dawn the next day to investigate the wreck before it is discovered. The next day, the five visit the wreck and discover the captain's cabin, where they find some objects belonging to George's great-great-great grandfather, including an old box which they take back to Kirrin Cottage, hoping to find out what is inside.

The box proves difficult to five on treasure island, so they decide to throw five on treasure island from the highest window of the house.

The box breaks open, but the noise disturbs Uncle Quentin who confiscates it. Not willing to give up their quest, Julian sneaks into Uncle Quentin's study and takes the box, which contains an old map of Kirrin Castle.

The children realise that it is a treasure map showing the location of the Kirrin's lost gold, so after taking a tracing of the map and returning the box, they make plans to find the gold five on treasure island.


To the children's shock, they are told that the box containing the map has been sold to an antique collector. The same man also makes an offer to buy Kirrin Island. The children realise he has unearthed the secret map and wants the gold for himself, and so begins a race for five on treasure island five to get to the gold first.

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