The endearing characters, Frog and Toad, continue to delight and engage young readers. These vocabulary, comprehension, and writing activities accompany. Read “The Garden” from Frog and Toad Together passage aloud to the students. Then have them engage with the text by working in partners to read sections of. Frog and Toad are best friends—they do everything together. After reading Frog and Toad Together, use this Memory Matching puzzle to help students build After reading Frog and Toad Together by Arnold Lobel, use this printable and Word Search puzzle to.


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You could literally pick vocabulary off of the level list and use the words loosely together, and you could publish a level reader.

Thousands have done this. What Arnold Lobel did, was to write some of the deepest most meaningful plot lines in the history of children's books and they ALL adhere to level vocabulary.

Frog and Toad Together | I Can Read Books |

His books and this one being one of his best, are like the Haikus of level readers. Somehow Lobel conveyed, love, friendship and and an array of manners in limited vocabulary. In my favorite story, Frog and Toad make and eat too many cookies.

To curb their intentions at the insistence of Frog, they tie them up in a box, put the box on a shelf, and even eventually throw frog and toad the garden cookies to the birds.

Frog and toad the garden edit ] Toad bakes some cookies and goes over to Frog's house to share the cookies with Frog.

Toad has made the cookies so delicious that he and Frog at first cannot stop eating them, even when they promise themselves to stop. Frog eventually announces they need willpower to stop themselves from eating all of the cookies.

Even though Frog puts the cookies in a box, ties up the frog and toad the garden with string, and puts it on a high shelf, Toad points out what they can still do to eat the rest of the cookies.

Frog eventually opens the box, but this time takes it outside and allows flocks of birds to eat the remaining cookies.

Frog and Toad Together by Arnold Lobel | Scholastic

Even though Frog and Toad now have plenty of willpower, Toad decides to bake a cake next. Dragons and Giants[ edit ] While reading a book about knights in shining armor, Frog and Toad are impressed with how brave the heroes in the book are and wonder if they are brave themselves.

Frog and toad the garden the mirror showing that they look brave, the friends decide to test their bravery by climbing a nearby mountain. After escaping a hungry snake and narrowly avoiding an avalancheFrog and Toad reach the top of the mountain, but leave in a hurry after a near-escape from a hawk.

Once they arrive back at Toad's frog and toad the garden and hide in the closet and bed, Frog and Toad admit that they are brave enough to have each other as good friends.

Center for Philosophy for Children

The Dream[ edit ] One day, while Toad is asleep in bed, he has a dream in which he is on stage and wearing a costume. A voice from an unseen character presents Toad as the Greatest Toad in all the world with Frog as Toad's only audience.

Toad does every act great playing the piano, frog and toad the garden on a high wire, and dancing and while he does these things and asks Frog if he can do them, Frog shrinks in size and admits he could not do them.


Eventually, the dream becomes a nightmare when Toad's dancing act has made Frog shrink rapidly to even be seen or heard.

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