The cookbook style is a series of practical recipes which represent solutions to problems and popular activities in a concise but detailed manner. Including index, preface, table of contents, introductory pages, etc., GateIn Cookbook is nearly pages and is written by three authors: Ken. If you haven't already heard through Twitter, the GateIn Cookbook from Packt Publishing was published early November. GateIn Cookbook was.


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GateIn Cookbook - Kenneth Finnigan, Luca Stancapiano, Piergiorgio Lucidi - Google книги

Starting with simple recipes, you will see each step analyzed with code examples and images, before progressing to more advanced recipes. The good news is that developers don't need to do this themselves, GateIn will wrap the code for you based on configuration using the adapter gatein cookbook Mustache is written gatein cookbook be executed in several kind of environment: If "module", "exports" dependencies are available Mustache will register it as a CommonJS module.

It can be adapted to GateIn thanks to the adapter format: We need to use adapter tag here and declare the require, exports and module dependencies of the CommonJS module.

Now any module can gatein cookbook Mustache instance injected just by declaring it in its dependencies list: Resource gatein cookbook with Text. When there are many templates or the template has a large size, embedding template in the gatein cookbook is not a good choice for front end performance reason.


Gatein cookbook would be better to gatein cookbook Text. Now we can use the mustache and text modules to load templates and render them in our own module: He contributes to the Alfresco Community Forum regularly supporting newbie and expert users.

Beginning gatein cookbook installation and con? The second half covers all aspects of developing on a portal, such as portlets, gadgets, migration, and integration. The goal of the book is to show GateIn as an open source website framework piece by gatein cookbook.

He is a speaker at conferences dedicated to Java, Spring Framework, Open Source products and technologies.

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