Learn how to play ghost notes to add spice to your drum beats. This free video drum lesson shows exactly how to play ghost notes correctly, and how to use. Full transcription is here. Vinnie Colaiuta - Ghostnote Groove | Drum. SHEET MUSIC: PATREON LINK: ?u= BUY THE NEW BOOK: http.


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In a case in which a ghost note is deemphasized to the point of silence, that note then represents a rhythmic placeholder in much the same way as does a rest. This can be a very fine distinction, and the ability of an instrumentalist to differentiate between what is a ghost note and what is a rest is governed ghost note drum grooves by the acoustic nature of the instrument.

The wide dynamic range that those two techniques create will give your grooves greater depth and dimension. The first ghost-note approach is the single tap. These notes fall in between where the hi-hat is played.


The next ghost-note element is the drag, which is positioned in the groove between the hi-hat notes, similar to the single tap. Ghost notes are notes that are played much quieter than others, giving it more of a ghost note drum grooves rather than ghost note drum grooves sound - which explains why it is called a ghost note.

Ghost notes can be added anywhere in a beat, and can be played on any drum or cymbal. Using ghost notes in basic beats will give the pattern more depth and more groove.

Learning how to play these strokes will help you in developing a better feel for your drum sticks as well as your drum kit itself. So what does a ghost note look like on paper? For those of you who read sheet musica ghost note looks just like a regular note, just half the ghost note drum grooves.


Very easy to read, meaning you would hit that note with around half the power or less. These are challenging drum beats that will greatly improve your hand technique, feel, and ability to play dynamically.

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This is something you must have before you tackle these intermediate drum beats.

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