Glossary of Common Electrical Terms. Discover the meaning of some of the most common electrical terms used in our industry. A Glossary of Electrical Terms. Cross-references to other entries are indicated in bold type. A: symbol for ampere, the SI unit of current. AC: literally, alternating. Glossary of Electrical Terms used within the industry today in a wide range of industrial environments.


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It is shown by magnetic lines glossary of electrical terms force. It is near the geographic north pole of the Earth. These parts, when properly aligned, cause the primary circuit to switch off and induce high voltage in the secondary windings.

Glossary of Electrical Terms

It is near the geographic south pole of the Earth. It is made up of one or more atoms. Its property of magnetism has been imparted by the magnetic effects of the Earth.

Specifically, an atom that gains negative electrons is negatively charged. Present in all glossary of electrical terms nuclei except the hydrogen nucleus.

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Every electrical conductor offers resistance to the flow of current, just as a tube through which water flows offers resistance to the current of water. One ohm is the amount of resistance that limits current flow to one ampere in a circuit with one glossary of electrical terms of electrical pressure.

OHM'S LAW - Ohm's Law states that when an electric current is flowing through a conductor, such as a wire, the intensity of the current in amperes equals the electromotive force volts driving it, divided by the resistance of the conductor.


The flow is in proportion to the electromotive force, or voltage, as long as the resistance remains the same. It is analogous to a closed valve in glossary of electrical terms water system.

This pressure forces the electrons to move.

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Batteries have positive plates and negative plates. POLE - One or two points glossary of electrical terms a magnet at which its magnetic attraction is concentrated. The pole shoes may be permanent or electro - magnets. Specifically, an atom which loses negative electrons and is positively charged.

Copper pathways are etched into the board with acid. It exhibits a positive charge of electricity. The information transmitted by the signal is contained in the width of the pulse.

The width of the pulse is changed modulated to indicate a corresponding change in the information being transmitted, such as throttle command. The reluctor rotates with the distributor shaft and passes through the electromagnetic field of the sensor.

Resistance is measured in ohms.

Often referred to as an outlet. This type of device is normally wired to be live when nothing is plugged in to glossary of electrical terms.

Therefore, receptacles are wired to the source of power. RoHS — Restriction of Hazardous Substances, a European directive dictating materials that may not be used in the manufacture of certain products.

Glossary of Electrical Terms

Slitting — The designation to separate insulated parallel wires. T Glossary of electrical terms Rating — The maximum temperature at which insulation will maintain its integrity.

Terminal — A terminal is the point at which a conductor from an electrical component, device or network comes to an end and provides a point of connection to external circuits.

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