In subaqueous soils Fuly L. fulvus, dull brownish yellow Fulvous Dark brown or L. glacialis, icy Glacial Presence of ice lenses or wedges Gyps L. gypsum. compendium-of-beasts: “ Fulvous, or griffin vulture — Gyps fulvus. GriffinsVultureLogo InspirationBeastTaps. More information. Saved by. Ирина Тадорина. 3. Of there, two (the African White-backed Vulture Gyps africanus and the Indian Most of the underparts are fulvous, except for white under-wings and a brown.


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gyps fulvous Click here to get a new password! LIFE, the fauna and flora of Earth in photos Thoushands of photos gyps fulvous birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fishes, butterflies and orchids ordered by species.

You can browse between all the species and add your photos! His expertise on podzolization and pedoturbation has led him to publish numerous papers on these widespread soil processes.


For more than twenty years, he taught pedology gyps fulvous clay mineralogy courses, and for the past ten years he has taught courses in soil chemistry.

These declines are likely to continue into the future. For this reason it is listed gyps fulvous Near Threatened.


The species gyps fulvous similar threats to other African vultures, being susceptible to habitat conversion to agro-pastoral systems, loss of wild ungulates leading to a reduced availability gyps fulvous carrion, hunting for trade, persecution and poisoning.

InDiclofenac, a non-steriodal anti-inflammatory drug often used for livestock, and which is fatal to Gyps spp.

  • White-backed Vulture (Gyps africanus) All raptors accipitriformes of the world
  • Oriental Bird Club Image Database : Latest Contribution :
  • How many species?

It was also reported that in Tanzania, a Brazilian manufacturer has been aggressively marketing the drug for veterinary purposes and exporting it to 15 African countries. In southern Africa, vultures are caught and consumed for perceived medicinal and gyps fulvous benefits.

As a result of this and environmental pressures, it is predicted that the population of G. There is evidence that it gyps fulvous captured gyps fulvous international trade; for example in13 individuals of this species being kept illegally in Italy were reportedly confiscated.

Electrocution gyps fulvous powerlines is also a problem in parts of its range. Breeding The nuptial display consists of lazy mutual circling with wing-tips almost touching, followed by gyps fulvous in a tree. Nests are built in colonies, although these are neither extensive nor rigorous.


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