Hermann Broch's The Sleepwalkers: Social Theory in Literary Form. HOWARD L. KAYE. As Lionel Trilling has observed,1 modern literary culture, from the time. "The Sleepwalkers bear[s] witness to Broch's possession of something more than acute psychological insight, something other and much rared than a gift for. "Broch performs with an impeccable virtuosity." --Aldous Huxley With his epic trilogy, Hermann Broch established himself as one of the great innovators.


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The venn diagram of readers who can stomach the academic, and yet not all that rigorous, philosophical jargon and those who would tolerate the too often too hermann broch the sleepwalkers, too often too divergent plot developments, flaunts little overlap.

Besides essay, styles of verse and dramatic scene handicap the overall flow and presentation.

: The Sleepwalkers : Hermann Broch: Books

But onto the good: Reading the Pasenow and Esch sections one could almost conclude that adulthood is a plague in which giant children have had the misfortune of taking themselves seriously. All three sections impressively end with its protagonist—Pasenow and Esch in defeat and Huguenau in a kind of triumph—settling into an empty prescription of salvation: And although everything was tranced in immobility, yet the chairs, the piano, on whose black-lacquered surface the wreath of gas-jets was still reflected, seemed hermann broch the sleepwalkers longer in their usual places, but infinitely remote, and even the golden dragons and butterflies on the black Chinese screen in the corner had flitted away as if drawn after the receding walls, which now looked as if hung with black curtains.

The Major is wounded hermann broch the sleepwalkers rioters, perhaps fatally, while Huguenau bayonets Esch and rapes his wife Gertrud. In a postscript, Huguenau has become a respectable businessman in France, but finds his life entirely empty.

Closing reflections from the author predict that the destruction of values in Germany has left the way open for an amoral and ruthless new Leader to emerge, hermann broch the sleepwalkers will prophesy a new future for the disoriented nation.

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The Sleepwalkers by Hermann Broch |

Pasenow feels sure of his virtues and their meaning. Esch too knows about such virtues hermann broch the sleepwalkers justice or fidelity but ignores their substance; that is why he can be both faithful and unfaithful, and can think of murder or denunciation to find a solution.

The amoral Huguenau's only criterion is personal profit and he follows this maxim hermann broch the sleepwalkers all his actions. He swindles and murders without remorse and his dealings bring him finally to the zero point of values, a state when old values have disappeared and viable new ones have not emerged.

Before that he had published only essays.

Hermann broch the sleepwalkers creating the plot of the book, Broch was inspired by his associates and friends for several characters and events, for example his mistress and confidante the Viennese journalist Ea von Allesch, who gave him the idea of the vaudeville artiste Ilona.

Each part differs in style, time and place of action, characters and atmosphere.


The first is a pastiche of 19th century literary realismin particular of Theodor Fontanewhile the second part is more expressionistic. The third reflects the artificial hermann broch the sleepwalkers disjointed nature of the time it describes by a fractured narrative, jumping hermann broch the sleepwalkers threads of the story, moving between prose to verse, and inserting philosophical speculations which provide a theoretical framework to the whole book.

In this way, Broch tried to represent the complexity of the individual mental world and that of society, much as, for example, James Joyce did in Ulysses. Through the book there runs a complex structure of images, which encapsulate some of its key themes. Having a convenient edition ready for Broch's centennial year should help acquaint Americans with a classic that enlarged the scope of 20th-century fiction by focusing with unparalleled precision on the profound transformation of values that produced the modern consciousness.

The Sleepwalkers by Hermann Broch

It is written with a calm, thoughtful air, describing in great detail the mental processes and the doings of some of the unloveliest people ever seen outside the hermann broch the sleepwalkers of George Grosz.

Similarly the illustrative quotes chosen here are merely those the complete review subjectively believes represent hermann broch the sleepwalkers tenor and judgment of the review as a whole. We acknowledge and remind and warn you that they may, in fact, be entirely unrepresentative of the actual reviews by any other measure.

Hermann Broch's novel, The Sleepwalkers, is one of the most remarkable works of modern times.

The Sleepwalkers

It is very much a novel of ideas, but it is also a work of art. In three connected volumes it spans the period torevisiting that world at fifteen year intervals.

Two volumes are realistic, straightforward narrative. In the third this approach will no longer do.

In Huguenau oder die Sachlichkeit translated somewhat unfortunately as The Realist Broch pushes form -- not to breaking, or to incomprehensibility, but to best represent a new world hermann broch the sleepwalkers order.

Hermann broch the sleepwalkers minded, Broch always aimed for and achieved clarity.

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