It was called "Africa Express Presents: Terry Riley's In C Mali," which didn't ring any bells for me at the time, though it involved a number of. and separation of these 'Cells' through repetition. One famous example of Minimalist Music is 'In C' by the American composer Terry Riley. • 'In C' consists of In C is a musical piece composed by Terry Riley in for an indefinite number of performers. He suggests "a group of about 35 is desired if possible but  ‎Technique · ‎Recordings · ‎Impact on other music · ‎References.


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Steve Reich found in them the gradual processes that would largely inform the early years of his career. And The Beatles with In c terry riley Martin used them in their studio innovations that would revolutionize the whole recording industry.

It is from tape loops that Riley too found a way to achieve the kind of timelessness that Young had achieved with drones. By repeating and overlaying sounds in c terry riley top of themselves and each other, you could mess with the listener's perception of time and produce aural timelines of pure synthetic construction.

Riley's first work that demonstrated this was 's Mescalin Mix. It's a tape work made by applying various loop, overdub, and echo in c terry riley to human voice, bird sounds, and piano.

The use of psychedelic drugs. Peyote, LSD, and cannabis played an important part in their musical explorations.

Terry Riley - In C - Music Sales Classical

Young would get the Theatre of Eternal Music "high for every concert. It was in c terry riley crucial component to the disruption of time that was a central idea in their music.

Young stretched sounds with drones, and Riley repeated them with loops. But loops also bring us to the first key to unlocking the puzzle that is "In In c terry riley. Although "In C" is not a tape work, and never was, loops are central to how the piece is constructed.

Terry Riley's "In C"

In works like Mescalin Mix, Riley had discovered what looping could do in his music. Instead of having a piece of tape going round and round, a loop would be constructed by having a musician repeat a phrase over and over again.


This was not to have humans act like machines, but to achieve the time-altering power of in c terry riley in music that is performed live by human beings. Here's a simple musical phrase, which is surrounded by repeat signs the: These signs communicate that the phrase should be repeated.

Terry Riley’s In C

The complete musical score of "In C" consists of in c terry riley "loops" of exactly this kind. Though usually repeat signs just mean that you should play a section twice, Riley used them to indicate more permanent loops. Each phrase here is, in fact, to be repeated an indeterminate number of times.

In c terry riley you listen to any performance of the piece, such as the Africa Express one mentioned earlier, you will hear these patterns in there.

In C - Wikipedia

What's striking about this though is how extremely economical it is. There's not much music here at all! There's just this one page of notation in the in c terry riley "In C" score. And the 53 patterns on the page are very short — only a few beats on average.

If you just listen to them back to back, you'll be done with the piece in just a couple of minutes. Even if you loop them, it's unlikely in c terry riley you'll spend very long on each pattern.

But the actual performances of "In C" that you hear sound much more complex and varied than this! There's something else going on here. A Musical Possibility Space The Open Architecture of "In C" If those 53 loops form the entirety of the musical material of "In C", how exactly does one get from that to the shimmering polyphonies you hear when the piece is performed?

Here we need to turn back to the score, because in addition to the notated patterns it contains a set of performing directions that outline an approach to interpreting and performing the music.

There's two pages of directions — which means that in this score there's actually in c terry riley English than there is music notation! This first rule is fairly straightforward.

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