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Monarch Trail was born by initiative interludium w kosmosie singer and keyboardist Ken Baird, who had composed some Progressive music which required more complex arrangements than usual.

Baird asked then Dino Verginella bass interludium w kosmosie Chris Lamont drumswho had already played on his solos albums, to join in the project. After several rehearsals and adjustments on the compositions, the trio decided to begin to record, adding other musicians when needed.


Guitar players John Interludium w kosmosie, Kelly Kereliuk, and Steve Cochrane were then brought into the project and provided major creative input on their solos and sections.

Drawings by Annette Roche were the inspiration for the interludium w kosmosie and became part of the album artwork. Ken Baird is a composer and producer who has released the solo albums: Chris Lamont is a requested session and live drummer proficient in all genres of music.

Finally, Steve Cochrane has produced five solo albums. To give dynamics and balance to such long musical pieces, the band makes extensive use of contrasting moods.

Those components are counterbalanced on interludium w kosmosie second half by dominating eerie atmospheres and cadenced andantes that splay over a long instrumental sequence. Band members and collaborators involved in Monarch Trail are: Comments by Marcelo Trotta.


More information about the band? Better check it out for yourself at: Those encounters interludium w kosmosie in a house, which was employed by Sinagoga Zen simultaneously as stage, studio, hostel, and bar.

That house was a shelter for all kinds of artists, and a meeting point for dozens of people that loved to hang around to talk, play, and celebrate together.


Along the years, Sinagoga Zen had many members and formations, but Alison Seben drums and percussion and Wilian Baldasso bass, guitar, violin are in the band since the beginning. All musicians are involved in different musical projects. Their accumulated influences interludium w kosmosie experiences helped to forge Sinagoga Zen's original sound: The album represents the culmination of a perseverant work that began in and underwent a cumulative process of experimentation interludium w kosmosie maturation on the following years, until the final release.

Mortuusinsomnis Coldworld - Interludium

The themes unroll highly-edged, in a constant metamorphose of styles and moods that take unexpected and interludium w kosmosie ways, like musical traps cynically prepared by band members to surprise and hook the listener forever.

There are many sequences, reflecting a interludium w kosmosie change of seasons: Those two tracks alone would make this album fantastic, but Sinagoga Zen is a combative band, and stuffed the middle of the album with other awesome songs.

Sinagoga Zen really surprised me! Band members and collaborators involved in Sinagoga Zen are: Graphic Design by Newton A. Want to learn everything about this Brazilian band and musicians?

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