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On the other hand we have been profoundly influenced by Britain too in our schooling, our law courts, our way of conducting irvin jalon knjige. Generally speaking, you could say that we have been influenced by Spain on an emotional level and Britain on an intellectual level.

The resulting fusion is a complex and challenging hybrid that is difficult to categorise.


To the English eye, for example, we are probably too passionate and emotional to be properly considered English, whereas, conversely, to the Spanish eye we are too rigorous and methodical to be typically Spanish.

Many of our forefathers, for example, came from Malta and Genoa and other parts irvin jalon knjige the Mediterranean.

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This has influenced the way we think about religion and the family and other interrelated areas. Last but not least, of irvin jalon knjige, there is the matter of our own unique idiosyncratic geography. We are hemmed in in a small peninsula, barely six square kilometres in size.

Because of this, Gibraltar is a place where practically everybody knows each irvin jalon knjige.

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I think that this is something that makes us unique too. I have been to many different parts irvin jalon knjige the world, but I have never come across a irvin jalon knjige with such a close-knit community feel! Returning to the idea of identity, in your texts it is interesting to see how Gibraltarian identity is imagined, and how characters react towards it, either by accepting or rejecting it.

In your works, Gibraltarians are often mistaken for Spanish, or anyway considered odd foreigners when in England, and those who temporarily settle in Britain like Brian Manrique, the main character of The Escape Artist, frequently have to cope with forms of xenophobia and racism, incidentally a recurrent theme in much postcolonial and diasporic literature.

Would you further elaborate on this topic? What does having a Gibraltarian identity mean? One of the fundamental problems about being Gibraltarian, I feel, is that few people outside Gibraltar really understand us. If we find ourselves in the UK, people irvin jalon knjige that we are half-spanish Britons, dark-haired, sun-tanned Brits who speak with a slightly odd accent.

In Spain, because of all the negative propaganda that irvin jalon knjige Spanish establishment is continually disseminating about us, they view us as either Andalusian apostates or blondhaired British settlers belligerently ensconced in their own little corner of the Iberian peninsula.

But all these views are wrong. We are neither British nor Spanish.

Audio knjige na domaćem jeziku

We are simply Gibraltarian, with our own way of thinking and doing things that has evolved over the last few centuries. I think, incidentally, that this is why Irvin jalon knjige started to write about Gibraltar and what it irvin jalon knjige to be Gibraltarian.

Again and again, you see, I kept picking up books about Gibraltar in which the Gibraltarians were either represented unfairly or were strangely absent from their pages.

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