Star King is a classic science fiction novel by Jack Vance. Scifi mystery novels are strange creatures. Quite honestly, I have not come across  Missing: ebook ‎| ‎Must include: ‎ebook. The NOOK Book (eBook) of the The Star King (Demon Princes Series #1) by Jack Vance at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more! The Star King. by Jack Vance. Share. ebook. Buy Book. Amazon · Apple · Google · Kobo · · Read Excerpt. Read More. Genre: Sci-Fi.


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Scifi mystery novels are strange creatures.

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Quite honestly, I have not come across many, and I haven't enjoyed most that I have come across. But even there, I felt that the engrossing essence I hunger for in scifi was missing.

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I felt that I was reading a mystery novel more than a scifi novel. And I generally don't read many mysteries.

But Jack Vance's Star King proves that a scifi mystery scifystery? I always hate to think that I am denied the joys of a genre due to my own poorly indoctrinated tastes. I hate knowing that I just don't enjoy alternative history novels.


So many people do, and I think to myself, if I had just been raised differently, if someone had given me a good althistory book when I was 10, then I would not forever be denied the joys of reading such books.

Gersen fortuitously meets Teehalt.


Gersen stumbles on a clue to Malagate's real identity. Gersen puts into effect plan to identify Malagate.

The Jack Vance thread

Plan works - albeit with one or two minor hurdles to overcome. Vance has fleshed this out by having Gersen questioning everything he learns and everything he does.

It makes the story somewhat It's bad enough that the plot starts with a coincidence, but the continual second-guessing only makes it seem as if Gersen is being driven by the plot rather than vice versa. Even the resolution relies on events Gersen could not have foreseen or planned for.

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He has his plan, yes; but the final clues which reveal which of the three administrators is Malagate are not part of it. Still, this is a novel by Jack Vance. The cover illustration on my copy matches the stories in it nicely I was thinking "damn - that book has a cool cover.

I should check it out" but upon checking out that book's contents realized that I have all but one of the stories from that collection in The Jack Vance Treasury.

Keith Jack vance star king ebook had been a peace-abiding man until the terrible moment when five of these Star Kings descended upon the planet and home of his parents and viciously wiped them out as an "object lesson: At that news, vengeance became Gersen's sole objective in existence -- to seek out and destroy those five Demon Jack vance star king ebook.

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