Books in the series Edit. Jedi Apprentice #1: The Rising Force. Jedi Apprentice #2: The Dark Rival. Jedi Apprentice #3: The Hidden Past. Jedi Apprentice #4: The Mark of the Crown. Jedi Apprentice #5: The Defenders of the Dead. Jedi Apprentice #6: The Uncertain Path. Jedi Apprentice #7: The Captive Temple. Jedi Apprentice is a series of young reader novels written by Jude Watson (except Books in this set include the first ten books: Jedi Apprentice #1: The Rising Force Jedi Apprentice #2: The Captive Temple Jedi Apprentice #8: The Day of Reckoning Jedi Apprentice Star Wars: Jedi Apprentice # The Death Of Hope. Star Wars: Jedi Apprentice. The Rising Force. Dave Wolverton. From $ The Dark Rival. Jude Watson. From $ #3. The Hidden Past. Jude Watson. Il marchio della corona. Jude Watson. From $ The Defenders of the Dead. Jude Watson. From $ #6. The Uncertain Path. Jude Watson. #7. The Captive Temple. Jude.


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Early days[ edit ] Obi-Wan Kenobi must become an apprentice by his thirteenth birthday. Unfortunately, Qui-Gon Jinna Jedi apprentice series Master without an apprentice, finds the boy to be aggressive and unpredictable, as shown in Obi-Wan's sparring match with fellow Jedi student Bruck Chun.

Jedi Apprentice

Consequently, Obi-Wan is forced to use his Jedi powers as a special farmer on the world of Bandomeer. Coincidentally, Qui-Gon is also going to Bandomeer.

On the way to Bandomeer, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon join together to stop the abuse of Offworld Corporation, which wishes to control Bandomeer's resources for itself. Although the small Offworld faction on Bandomeer is quickly jedi apprentice series into check, Xanatos manages to escape the planet.

However, on the planets of Phindar jedi apprentice series Galathe two are tested by a corrupt ruler named Prince Beju and a crime organization known as The Syndicat.


These problems are eventually solved by the two Jedi, whose relationship continually strengthens. Jedi apprentice series group of children attempts to stop the civil war between the Melida faction and the Daan faction, which results in numerous fatalities and the near death of Tahl, jedi apprentice series was imprisoned by the Melida.

Nevertheless, Obi-Wan is forced to make a choice: Obi-Wan chooses to leave the Order, much to the disappointment of Qui-Gon.

When Qui-Gon returns jedi apprentice series the Jedi Templehe jedi apprentice series that it is under attack by a mysterious power. With Obi-Wan desperate to return to the Order and Qui-Gon in need of his ex-Padawan's help, the two are quickly reunited.

With their combined skills, they learn that Xanatos has infiltrated the Jedi Temple with the help of Obi-Wan's former rival, Bruck Chun. Obi-Wan's childhood friend, Bantis caught directly in the middle of the situation.

Eventually, Xanatos' plans to destroy the temple are thwarted, but Bruck is killed and Xanatos escapes.

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There, they learn that Offworld Corporation and, ultimately, Xanatos is using a front called UniFy to manipulate and plunder the planet. Helpless, Xanatos commits suicide. During the mission, Siri and Obi-Wan become trapped in the planet's learning center, which tries jedi apprentice series brainwash Keganite children into an isolationist view of the galaxy.

Meanwhile, Qui-Gon and Adi Gallia try to convince the planet's leaders into giving up Lana, though this quickly turns into a rescue mission jedi apprentice series Siri and Obi-Wan are captured and sent to the learning center.

Star Wars: Jedi Apprentice | Awards | LibraryThing

After tense diplomatic and covert operations, the four Jedi are jedi apprentice series, and Kegan is opened up to the Galaxy. On a mission to the planet of Rutan and the moon of SenaliObi-Wan and Qui-Gon must stop a tense political crisis, which nearly results in all-out civil war.

However, the attack was orchestrated to lure Qui-Gon into the jedi apprentice series of Jenna Zan Arbora Force-experimenting scientist. To maintain his calm, Qui-Gon is forced to endure torture and verbal jousting matches with the scientist.

Back on CoruscantObi-Wan is desperate to locate his old Master. With S'orn's political powers, Zan Arbor has complete control over Belasco by using a special virus to keep the planet sick long enough for an expensive cure to be provided.

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