Ibnu Nujaim, Al Bahrul Ar Raiq Sharh Kanz Al Daqaiq, Dar kitab Al Islami, 2nd edition. Ibnu Taimiyah, Al Fatawa Al Kubra, Dar Al Kutub Ilmiyah, 1st edition, Kamal Yasin, Dr, Ahkam Hasyarat Fil Fiqh Al Islami, thesis at the Al Imam. Shaykh al-Islam Ahmad ibn 'Abd al-Haleem ibn Taymiyah is regarded as one of the prominent mujaddids (renewers and revivers) of Islam. "This work is the first complete translation of the well known Kitab al Imam, written by thirteenth century scholar Ibn Taymiyyah. The concept of Iman (faith) is.


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Now, the logicians maintain that concept is dependent on definition, but as no agreed definition of anything has yet been made, ibn Taimiyyah declares that no concept in the proper sense of the term has yet been formed. Similarly, the logicians believe that judgment is dependent on concept tasawwurbut since concept has not yet been obtained in the proper sense kitab al-imam ibnu taimiyah the termjudgment also has not yet been arrived at.


The result, in the opinion of ibn Taimiyyah, is the worst type of sophistication. Logicians say that the concept of quiddity mahiyyah can only be arrived at by definitions which are composed of genus jins and differentia fasl.

The logicians themselves have admitted that this sort of definition is either kitab al-imam ibnu taimiyah or rarely found. But ibn Taimiyyah opines that the true significance of things may be achieved by men without definition and, therefore, concepts are not dependent kitab al-imam ibnu taimiyah definitions.

This shows that sometimes concepts do not need definition.

Ibn Taymiyyah

If this is possible, then the species which are nearer to perception and are visible can be conceived in a way which is surer and better than the type of kitab al-imam ibnu taimiyah which is derived from kitab al-imam ibnu taimiyah combination of genus and differentia.

The definition of a thing consists of several terms each of which indicates a definite meaning. Unless a man knows the terms and their meaning beforehand, it is not possible for him to understand the definition itself.

For instance, a man who does not know what bread is cannot know it by kitab al-imam ibnu taimiyah definition. Here ibn Taimiyyah makes a distinction between conception taswir and differentiation tamiz and sides with the Mutakallimun scholastic theologians who hold things are actually known by differentiation and not by definition.

When the definition is the word of the definer, the definer must have the knowledge of the object defined before defining it.

It is, therefore, wrong to say that the conception of a thing depends kitab al-imam ibnu taimiyah definition. Concepts of existing things are derived either through external senses or through internal senses, none of which stands in need of any definition.

Here ibn Taimiyyah observes that whatever cannot be known through the senses can be known through valid inference but not through definition.


Logicians say that a definition should be rejected by means of refutation and contradiction. Ibn Taimiyyah argues that refutation or contradiction is possible only when one has already formed a conception of the object defined.

The Ahl al-Sunnah View of Ibn Taymiya and his Works

So it is proved that concepts may be formed without the help of definition. Knowledge of a particular thing may be self-evident to some, but acquired by others.

Similarly, kitab al-imam ibnu taimiyah which are not self-evident to some may be self-evident to others who would, therefore, need no definition for their knowledge of them. Hence it is wrong to say that knowledge depends on definition. Greek logicians and their Muslim and non-Muslim followers claimed that definition contained the description of the object defined, while the prominent scientists held that definition served as a distinction between the object defined and the object not defined.

Therefore, definition cannot give the knowledge of a concept. That definition offers true significance of the object defined and gives the knowledge of concept, has been refuted by kitab al-imam ibnu taimiyah Taimiyyah on the following grounds.

Definition is a mere statement of the definer.

Chapter Ibn Taimiyyah | A History of Muslim Philosophy Volume 2, Book 4 |

It is a mere assertion without any proof. The listener may understand it with or without its definition.


In the former case, he knows it without proof which may or may be correct, while in the latter case the definition serves no purpose.

Logicians say that definition neither rejects the proof nor needs it. Unlike kitab al-imam ibnu taimiyah qiyasdefinition can be rejected by refutation or contradiction.

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