She yearns to conquer her Nemesis, Little Pete, and then bend the entire world to her warped will. LIGHT, the sixth and final book in the Gone. Gone is a bestselling book series written by Michael Grant. The series is centered on the 1 Novels. Gone; Hunger; Lies; Plague; Fear; Light; Monster. 2 Characters. Sam Temple; Albert Hillsborough; Peter  ‎Novels · ‎Gone · ‎Lies · ‎Light. the time since everyperson over the age of fourteen disap-peared against hunger and lies and plague, and epic battles of good against evil. Light, the sixth and final book in the New York Times bestselling Gone.


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Caine, who believes he is the most powerful mutant with telekinesistakes a group and returns to Coates Academy, discovering that light a gone novel a person turns 15, they are confronted by something they desire before vanishing.

Feeling threatened, Caine enlists the help of local bullies to kidnap Sam and Astrid.

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He also discovers that he and Sam are twin brothers. During this time, Quinn starts hanging out with people related to Caine, and betrays Sam, telling Caine of his powers.

Caine instructs Drake to kill Astrid but Sam saves her. They escape light a gone novel coyotes but are captured by Drake and imprisoned within Coates Academy. Caine encased the hands of anyone with powers who refused to join their cause, in concrete, as their powers come from their hands.

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Sam's group escapes Coates Academy, with Pete's help, together with various Coates students, and returns to Perdido Beach to fight Caine. Meanwhile, Drake abducts Lana, as he thinks she can help him get his arm back after Sam light a gone novel burned it off during his escape from Coates Academy.

They reach a creature known as "The Darkness" also known as the gaiaphage down a mineshaft which uses Lana's power to give Drake a whip for an arm giving him the nickname "Whip Hand". light a gone novel


He returns to Caine, who learns how to escape "the poof", and they attack Perdido Beach. Sam and the Coates hostages, as well as Quinn and Edilio and others defend the town.

Orc, the town bully who was clawed by coyotes and turned into gravel, turns on Drake and fights him. Sam and Caine fight, but they suddenly see a manifestation of their mother, Connie, who invites them to return to her. Both boys refuse, and Caine is forced light a gone novel retreat.

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Later, Albert Hillsborough organizes a Thanksgiving dinner for the town and Sam encourages them to stick together. Meanwhile, following the coyotes Caine is introduced to the darkness.

Light a gone novel Zhang is revealed to have the power to change his density and discovers a cave filled with mutated blue bats that taste disgusting to humans, but are later fed to the Zekes in exchange for children being allowed to pick food from the fields without being attacked.

Small-time bully Zil, who believes that those with powers are treated better at the expense of normal humans, fuels widespread prejudice against people with powers and creates the "Human Crew", an organization that discriminates against these "freaks".

Caine wakes up from a three-month coma After he has an insane outburst and decides to take light a gone novel the nuclear power plant.

He instructs Diana to bring Computer Jack who stayed back at Perdido Beach back to Coates so he can take control of the plant. Caine takes hostages at the plant, but they have no food so Sam decides to wait light a gone novel them to give up, or they will starve.

During this time, one of Zil's friends is accidentally light a gone novel by Hunter, who has the power to microwave the body parts on which he focuses, of people and animals During an light a gone novel, Zil attacked Hunter with a crowbar and Hunter put his hands up to protect himself and accidentally hit their roommate who was trying to stop the fight.

Zil and a mob find Hunter, who has sheltered behind a library also attack Astrid and Edilio in the process of grabbing Hunter, who escapes.

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After ending up losing all electricity Caine mentally receives a message from the Gaiaphage telling him to bring it a uranium rod from the nuclear power plant, as the Gaiaphage survives on light a gone novel.

Caine decides to leave and orders Drake to stay behind and fight Sam so they can sneak away. Drake relishes at the idea and lays a trap for Sam.

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