Proper lovebird care is the secret behind a happy life with lovebirds. Lovebirds (pocket parrots) are adorable and colorful pets. personable birds, find the best pet species, and learn how to properly care for them. Expert Reveals The Ground-Breaking Secrets To Training and Breeding Lovebirds You CAN Double Your Lovebird's Life; Eliminate All the Biting, Screaming.


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Some species nest in groups, while others pair off to build their nests away from the flock. In urban settings, they might rely on anything from a tree to a crevice in a building.

Peach-faced lovebirds nest lovebird care secrets a cactus.


Different lovebird species build their nests in different ways. Some lovebirds are androgynous.

14 Fun Facts About Lovebirds

In three species of lovebirds, the males and females have defining characteristics that allow you to tell them apart. Lovebirds don't eat chocolate.

  • Lovebird Care Secrets
  • Lovebird Care Secrets - Best Tips For Lovebird Care And Training

It might seem like common sense, but save your chocolate and give it to a human. In Africa, they're also known as crafty crop pests, as they feast on millet and maize farms. Lovebirds can be mean.

Within their own kind, lovebirds can also become jealous or hormonal during mating season. In captivity, they've been known to attach both other bird species and other lovebirds, with peach-faced lovebirds the most notorious for aggressive behavior.

Lovebirds can carry zoonotic diseases that infect humans. The researchers hypothsize that the lovebird care secrets can spread to lovebird care secrets with compromised immune systems, such as AIDS patients.

Some lovebirds might become endangered in the next decade. Most of us go online and read a few websites, maybe even get a few questions answered on a message board STOP the bad behaviors that drive you mad!

STOP the embaressment that keeps your bird locked away when you lovebird care secrets company!

14 Fun Facts About Lovebirds | Science | Smithsonian

STOP the frustration that makes you dread going home! No one has lovebird care secrets given you the expert advice on how to keep your lovebird healthy and happy for a LONG time.

No one has ever given you all the facts about how to breed and raise your lovebirds. Really, you have been in the dark this whole time.

You have been lovebird care secrets the best that you can with the little, useless information that you have. Look, I know exactly what you are going through right now. Just a few short years ago I was exactly where you are right now.

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