To implement the automatic method go to the "Form" menu bar and click the "Form field recognition" button to create the interactive fields automatically. The fillable forms created by PDFelement can be accessed by any type of PDF readers like Acrobat reader to fill out the fields according to the requirement. You can make a fillable PDF easily without Adobe Acrobat. Here are top 3 ways for you to make fillable PDF without any hassle. how to create a fillable PDF for inputting information? Here we recommend the best solution to create a fillable PDF with or without Adobe.


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Use the available categories to adjust make pdf fillable without acrobat properties, such as font, color and field name. In this way, this tool is just a PDF form creator, and you cannot type any words in the type field.

This web-based PDF program provides several functions that can help users modify their PDF files through editing, annotating, adding protection and filling out PDF forms. I like this site very much as it does a very good job of converting Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoints as well as images, webpages, and other unnamed file types into PDF format.

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To use the site that I mentioned, you are not required to enter in an email address even though it looks like it does. And you can add texts, images, forms, comments and other contents to the blank PDF.


The software will inform you whether the uploaded PDF form is interactive or non-interactive. Double-click on the text box that will appear and then you can start adding texts. Suppose make pdf fillable without acrobat the tool is outdated then you will not be able to make use of this tool until you trigger updating process.

The operating cost seems to be high with Adobe Acrobat.

Make a Fillable PDF Form without Acrobat | Wondershare PDFelement

In the manual method make use of the "Form" option in the menu bar to use the tools like "Add Text Field" and "Add Check box" etc. When you open it in a PDF reader, there would be a cursor pointer flashing in the form fields after make pdf fillable without acrobat click the field, you can directly fill in.

A flat PDF Form, also called as non-interactive PDF, has no form fields, comments or any other interactive elements to select or fill in. To collect your client's filling data, you can add Submit Button so make pdf fillable without acrobat your client can email you the form data or the entire PDFor ask your client to install the free Adobe Reader XI to save the filling into a new PDF directly.

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