Author, Marek Blicharski. Publisher, WNT, ISBN, , Length, pages. Subjects. Technology & Engineering. Rzadkie i interesujące gatunki roślin naczyniowych poligonu wojskowego w lasach rembertowsko-okuniewskich pod Warszawą. MAREK BLICHARSKI; PAWEŁ. Results are presented of an investigation of the microstructure development during mechanical alloying and following consolidation of an.


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Texture, Stress, and Microstructure

In addition,optical micrograph OM and scanning electron microscope SEM were used to analyze the marek blicharski microstructure,and microstructural characteristics were discussed as well. In the end,the optimum welding parameters which were used in real production and achieved good effect were obtained by means of orthogonal experiment.

Scanning electron microscope SEMmicroscope with super-depth, X-ray diffraction XRDelectronic universal tensile testing machine and hardness tester were employed to study marek blicharski microstructure and mechanical properties of the joint. The results indicate that Pb foil effectively improved the mechanical properties of the joint with tensile strength up to Mpa which is higher than that of the joint without the brazing flux of Pb foil.

Intermetallic compound IMC layer in the brazing joint unequally distributed in the interface of aluminum alloy and galvanized steel. Fine equiaxial crystals existed in the weld metal while columnar crystals existed in the fusion zone of aluminum alloy.


The hardness of fusion zone was higher than base metal while the hardness of marek blicharski affected zone was lower than base metal. In most case, the lap joint was broken marek blicharski the junction of base metal and fusion zone.

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marek blicharski


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Quantitative phase analysis durinng cooling - kinetic approach G.

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Advanced thermal and mechanical processing, and fabrication technologies G. Berski The effect of the main parameters of the processes of forging on the marek blicharski quality of forging for steel 35HM F. Osuch Influence of deformation scheme on mechanical properties during reverse transformation in Fe-Ni alloy S.

Rydz Numerical and experimental analysis of rolling process bimetallic plate Marek blicharski T.

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