Presentation on theme: "Microsoft Solution Sales Process (MSSP)"— . then you have the options of booking an appointment or selling further on the phone. Solution. Proof. Close. Support. Deploy. Sales Stage. Objective. Develop customer requirements and establish relationship with power. Qualify lead/ opportunity. Matt Scherocman saw his profits soar after adopting the Microsoft Solution Selling sales methodology. Here's how you, too, can use it to cement.


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By the time you introduce a product into the scheme, it's more of a given, just part microsoft solution selling the microsoft solution selling solution. It requires significant up-front investments in training, sales staff retooling and large-scale sales cycle adjustments—all of which actually serve to change the way the entire company does business.

But it's not as expensive as going out of business," says Michael Haines, a research vice president at Gartner.


In fact, Gartner predicts that by the time frame, 30 percent of today's VARs will no longer be microsoft solution selling. Microsoft partners became acutely aware of the change in buyer mentality right around the timeframe.

Unlike most Microsoft partners, Valtech focuses on selling into large Global and Fortune accounts.

Microsoft Solution Sales Process (MSSP)

You just can't lead with product today and be successful. It doesn't work," Murphy says. Buyers have also changed the way they shop for pure products.

They continually pit vendors microsoft solution selling one another, shaving price points and leaving product sellers with shrunken margins. They view you as an extension of their own trusted circle of people who help solve problems.

Avoid the techie microsoft solution selling. Many partners embarking on solution selling find it difficult to get past their product-focused, more technical past.

Microsoft Solution Selling Process (MSSP) Accelerator for CRM – Microsoft NZ Dynamics Team Blog

Rather than focusing on the business problems a company may be facing that could be alleviated by a move to Exchange Serverfor example, they focus on key features of the new microsoft solution selling.

Nobody cares what microsoft solution selling solution is—they just want to know if it takes care of their VPN pain or makes it easier to get employees connected. Don't jump to a solution. If you're focused properly, eventually you should begin to see the same problems crop up in the same way within similar customer organizations.

It's tempting to just jump right in and offer a solution, without going through the prescriptive process of asking questions and working through the problem with the customer.


A big hurdle to solution microsoft solution selling is getting the time to meet with all of the key business stakeholders involved to get a clear handle on the problem they're facing, says Valtech Technologies' Brad Murphy. Partners need to get creative.

Sales Technique - Solution Selling

Or do it via e-mail," Murphy says. Work around the know-it-all.

Some customers go through the problem definition stage on their own and only approach a partner when they're trying to make a final product decision. It can be tough to build value into what you offer at that microsoft solution selling, since much of the initial legwork has been done by the customer.

Ask them what their stretch goals are and find microsoft solution selling if you can craft a more profitable solution for them. Don't let the bigwig intimidate you.

Sales Techniques - Solution Selling - Pipeliner CRM

Many salespeople in partner organizations have no trouble discussing the value microsoft solution selling their solution with the customer IT representatives.

IT understands technology and what it means to the business.


Are the Store Managers effected?

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