Mouse Guard has ratings and reviews. Patrick said: My girlfriend picked this up for my son, who has recently turned 's a big reader, and. Jump to Mouse Guard: Fall - [edit]. Mouse Guard: Fall is the title given to the first six-issue mini-series in its collected ‎: ‎ISBN The fearless Mouse Guard are dispatched to find a missing merchant. On you'll find our growing collection of comics, graphic novels, and.


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He is crippled by a leg wound. Roibin - A scribe who serves Gwendolyn who is also a mouse guard comic. Sadie - A young Guardsmouse once posted on the Eastern shores who has returned home in search of the camaraderie of other mice.

She wields a pair of daggers and is an expert slinger.

Saxon - A mouse guard comic swordsmouse, who tends to confront a problem first with blade drawn. Though his hotheadedness is sometimes to his detriment, he is amongst the bravest and strongest of the Mouse Guard.

This makes him a fine complement to his friend Kenzie. Fall [ edit ] Mouse Guard: Fall is the title given to the first six-issue mini-series in its collected form.

Mouse Guards

Issue 1 - Belly of the Beast[ edit ] Released: February includes mouse guard comic by Guy Davis A mouse peddling grain took the path from Rootwallow to Barkstone alone, but never arrived at his destination.

It is quickly uncovered that the missing merchant mouse was devoured by a snake, which the three Guard members dispatch, but the plot thickens as the merchant is revealed as a traitor, carrying a detailed map of Lockhaven, home of the Mouse Guard. Mouse guard comic 2 - Shadows Within[ edit ] Released: April includes pin-up by Guy Davis While Guard members Saxon, Kenzie and Lieam were tracking the path of the grain merchant, Gwendolyn has sent word to another of the Guard, Sadie.

Sadie, who once watched the shoreline region of the Mouse Territories, is to make contact with another missing mouse, Guard member Conrad, as there have been no outgoing communications from his Northern shoreline dwelling "Calogero".

She is quickly met by the peg-legged Conrad, who relates that the grain merchant from issue 1 is a traitor who would meet his mysterious master, who always remained in the shadows at Calogero. The duo plan to leave for Lockhaven at first light to warn them, mouse guard comic are surrounded during the evening by crabs.

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Conrad sacrifices himself to the crabs so that Sadie may have a chance to escape and warn the Mouse Guard of the traitor. Issue 3 - Rise of the Axe[ edit ] Mouse guard comic June includes pin-up by Rick Cortes and anjindesign.

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What worries them more than knowing of a traitor, is not knowing who the traitor is. They are unaware of the information Sadie carries with her to Lockhaven, nor the fate of fellow Guard Conrad.

Kenzie and Saxon perform mouse guard comic duel between themselves while Lieam attempts to blend in with the townsmice. Lieam's mouse guard comic takes an unexpected twist when he uncovers The Axe, a well-organized anti-Guard group. Issue 4 - The Dark Ghost[ edit ] Released: August includes pin-up by Mark Smylie Hiding within the ranks of the mysterious militia known only as 'the Axe', Lieam is unaware that his Guard companions, Kenzie and Saxon, have been left for dead outside Barkstone's gates.


Celanawe, a hermit and stranger of the mouse cities, retrieves and drags them to his secluded home. Saxon, escaping his bonds, engages in combat with Mouse guard comic, which results in the hermit's house burning down, but not before Kenzie is able to convince Celanawe that they must work together to stop the Axe.

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