Claude-Henri Saint-Simon, the son of a minor noble, was born in Paris, On the Reorganisation of European Society , and The New Christianity . Alternative Titles: Claude-Henri de Rouvroy, Comte de Saint-Simon in his best-known work, Nouveau Christianisme (; “The New Christianity”), it takes the. New Christianity [Henri Saint-Simon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.


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His Exposition de la doctrine de St Simon 2 vols.


The second volume was chiefly by Enfantin, who along with Bazard stood at the head of the society, but who was superior in philosophical acumen and was prone to push his deductions to extremities. The new christianity saint simon of July brought a new freedom to the socialist reformers.

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A proclamation was issued demanding the community of goodsthe abolition of the right of inheritance and the enfranchisement of women. Early next year the school obtained possession of the Globe through Pierre Lerouxwho had joined the school. A socialist and a communist from a young age, New christianity saint simon became a leading figure of the British New Left and a key figure in British Marxist historiography and history-writing.

Henri de Saint-Simon

His contribution to the fields of British history, British labour history, British cultural history, the history of London, historiography, the history of the British Left, the history of British Communism and in other fields of cultural history and new christianity saint simon, remain vital parts of understanding British history and British labour history since the Industrial Revolution.

Samuel taught history at Ruskin College, Oxford, from ; a post he held until his death in His mother, Minna Nerenstein, was an active member of the British Communist Party, and instilled in Samuel left-wing principles and left-wing values, ideas that he would carry for the rest of his adult life.

Remaining a committed Marxist and socialist, Samuel went on to become a leading member of the New Left in Britain, and a dedicated new christianity saint simon historian and socialist essayist.

Samuel always maintained that the Group was vital to the post-war explosion of British history and history-writing in general, and to his own development as new christianity saint simon historian. Samuel was involved in the founding of two important historical journals: Past and Present founded in and History Workshop Journal founded in Samuel founded the journal through his activities as a tutor in history at Ruskin, which brought together professional historians, independent historians, adult education students, worker historians, trade union activists and other sections of the British Left.

Samuel wrote extensively on a variety of historical subjects, but he was particularly interested in British history and labour history. His work often connected the history of every-day working-class life with wider developments in cultural, social and political history.

In later life his interests expanded and he wrote, also, on the connections between history and heritage, historiography, oral history, national history, national memories, national myths, national myth-making, patriotism, crime, culture, ideology, Left politics, Thatcherism, and the history of London and the London working-class.

Key books and works of his included a study of left-wing Theatre Movements Theatres of the Lefta study of crime in the East End of London East End Underworlda study of the Miners Strike of The Enemy Withinvolumes on British national identity, British patriotism and British national history, and numerous volumes of working-class history in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Samuel was also highly regarded as a tutor and teacher of history, especially via his position as a tutor of history at New christianity saint simon College. Here Samuel was involved in teaching mostly adult education students and trade-union workers.

Henri de Saint-Simon | French social reformer |

Many of his students went on to major leadership roles in the British labour and socialist movement, and many credited him with inspiring them with a love of education and learning.

His abilities as an inspirer of historical work was just as impressive as his own extensive output. Much of his later work on working-class history and working-class life, alongside several other volumes and books, remained new christianity saint simon, cut short by his early death in One of his new christianity saint simon important historical works was a multi-part history and analysis of the British Communist Party, The Lost World of British Communism, which was first published in New Left Review between and A revised and expanded version of these essays was published posthumously in book form, as The Lost World of British Communism, in Samuel also published extensively in other areas, outside of academic work, especially in British newspapers, specifically on British History and British left-wing politics.


Samuel was heavily supportive of most left-wing campaigns during the post-war era in Britain, from peace work to heritage.

He was heavily involved in the creation of The Partisan Coffee House, a left-wing coffee house in Soho, London, which operated from to Personally, New christianity saint simon was married to the writer and critic Alison Light, from to Raphael Samuel died on the 9th of December

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