A view of President Jacob Zuma's homestead Nkandla in KwaZulu-Natal. Click here to read Thuli Madonsela's statement on the report. Nkandla report: Thuli Madonsela strikes back with force. By Stephen Grootes• 13 November In the court of public opinion, legal papers and affidavits with. 21/11/, Constitutional law expert Pierre de Vos asks the public protector, Thuli Madonsela, to investigate the spending on Nkandla.


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In my experience in government I have not encountered such an anomaly. This, Mr President, unintentionally requires him to usurp the review powers of the courts. Section 2 of the constitution provides that the public protector is subject only to the constitution and the nkandla report by thuli madonsela.

The features that required determination on whether or not these are security features or part thereof were: During a talk at Wits in Johannesburg on Thursday night, the public protector insisted that she should be afforded a chance to testify before the committee.

Full text of "Nkandla Report Thuli Madonsela Jacob Zuma"

nkandla report by thuli madonsela Her office later issued a statement saying that, constitutionally, the committee should exhaust all sources of information that might shed light on the issues being deliberated upon.

Madonsela said she expected that Zuma, the Treasury and the SAPS would work together in determining how much the president should pay back.


None, however, have been as divisive as her investigation of Zuma. After Madonsela released the Nkandla report, she was accused of acting as a covert agent nkandla report by thuli madonsela the Central Intelligence Agency; carrying out an agenda on behalf of the mostly white opposition Democratic Alliance party; acting as she if were God; being racist toward A.

A compendium of Nkandla reports & court papers

The evidence of the former Nkandla report by thuli madonsela Minister of Public Works, Ms Bogopane-Zulu, alluded to earlier, buttresses the existence of such an agreement. In the body of the report I deal extensively with her lamentation that she was unceremoniously removed from the project, an allegation not denied by nkandla report by thuli madonsela Minister at the time, Ms Mahlangu-Nkabinde, whilst still wearing travelling clothes upon landing, from an overseas trip, Ms Bogopane-Zulu indicated that she never saw or heard about the apportionment document she had requested upon departure following her discussion on the same with President Zuma.

It is clear that at the level of the Project Team the document was produced and delivered but at a political level, it seems to have been managed in a manner that removed it from the normal administrative decision-making process or track.

Furthermore his submission and that of the Presidency did not argue that such revocation occurred. What we know, according to the Declaration is that President Zuma was informed that he was to pay for everything.

Curiously though, the President appears to have been informed of such National Key Point Declaration, a year after it was made, on 07 April At what point was he told he would have to pay for some of the items, and for which of those, is not clear.

Secure in Comfort: Public Protector's report on Nkandla

However, that document was only prepared around the beginning of and there is inconclusive evidence regarding its delivery to President Zuma.

I must indicate upfront that these have emerged as extraneous to the regime for providing security to the President and selected dignitaries.

They belong to a DOD- regime regulating medical services and transport services to the President and specified dignitaries. The first thing to note is that no policy instrument that clearly stipulates in exact items which can be funded at state expense nkandla report by thuli madonsela the name of providing mobile security to the President was provided by government during the investigation.

Precedent also does not help as all predecessors mainly got security assistance at private residences that is mostly limited to the items listed in the security guides. The only difference is former President Mandela whom aroundlong after retirement and about 3 years before his passing on, got a mobile ICU unit, which will now nkandla report by thuli madonsela to the state.

Here it must be borne in mind that the security evaluations did not recommend this. Furthermore Mr Makhanya is an ordinary architect and not a security expert or advisor.

Nkandla report

His ticket to the project was on account of non-security related architectural work he was performing for his client, the President, shortly before the Nkandla Project commenced. It must also be noted that the meandering fence and proximity of these households was never identified as a security threat in the two security evaluations conducted by security experts in accordance with the rules and which are the nkandla report by thuli madonsela security assessments ever conducted in respect of the Nkandla Project.


This would have meant a straight fence with these homesteads inside the enclosure. There is no evidence that this option was ever considered. The argument that this was a security requirement is not borne by the documents prepared by security experts following the two security evaluations.

nkandla report by thuli madonsela The fact that the families did not want to move on account of, among others, their family gravesite, does not negate the fact that they benefited from better buildings at state expense.

This would nkandla report by thuli madonsela cost between R and R per house, which would have been less than R2 million for the four households instead of the R8 million that has since been paid for the 15 rondavels that have been built for them.

This cheaper option was not explored by the DPW. Regarding maintaining the rondavel style of the original homes, RDP houses can be adapted to any low cost architectural design.

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