Ask the students what is the biggest thing that prevents them from learning to use . of the most fundamental skills you will need when working on a computer. Education and Teacher Training Agency in Croatia has approved the use of this still groups of people with hindered access to basic computer education. CSS,NTS, GAT, PPSC & various exams and tests preparation CSS computer GK NTS, GAT computer GK.


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Many of the instructions in this Wikibook require a Windows computer. After everything is assembled, proceed to turn on your computer and your peripherals.

It is important to turn the monitor and speakers on first so that you can hear and see any error sounds or messages. You should also pay attention notes of basic computer courses your computer, and be ready to turn the power off immediately if there are any problems, such as the fans not starting.

Though you should be careful, as computer fans can be extremely quiet, if the fans do not start, immediately turn the computer off to prevent the CPU and other delicate components from overheating.

BASIC (Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code)

Operating Systems[ edit ] The major software application on a computer is called the operating system. The operating system is like the driver of a car. While it might seem like it's only telling the car computer what to do, it is notes of basic computer courses fact also interfacing with the different parts of it, as well as taking any new input say, a map, or instructions on where to go- which equates to other software and performing these tasks to the best of its ability.

Although many things are compatible across platforms, more involved programs, such as photo editing tools and games, will not work across all platforms, in the same way that if you started giving your cab driver directions in French, he'd probably tell you to get out, unless you were of course, in France!

An operating system, aka "OS", is the middleman between you and the computer. It creates an environment where the user can interact with the computer in an efficient manner. Macs have been designed to be very easy for people to use, and are thus a notes of basic computer courses choice for a first system, as long as you don't mind not having as many software and games options as Windows users.

While it is notes of basic computer courses rare compared to Windows, Linux does have its advantages.

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Linux is open source, which means that anyone can change the code around and redistribute it as they want, resulting in many different versions.

Though it can be daunting, a Google search can help the average person decide which version of the OS would be best for them.

Introduction to Computers - Wikiversity

There is a notes of basic computer courses range of versions, called distros, ranging from one that's meant to fit on a 50MB business card sized CD to ones that are meant to be easier to use than Windows! Linux suffers many of the same downfalls as Mac, however, including a lack of commercial software, especially games.

This is slightly remedied by the large amount of free, open source Linux games, and the WINE program, which can run many Windows programs, including games, under Linux, without having to emulate the Windows OS.

While many 'hardcore' gamers are disappointed by the lack of games, even compared to the Mac, there are many games which are either native to Linux, or work well enough under WINE that most casual gamers will not have a problem.

The most popular Notes of basic computer courses distro, Ubuntu, has a clean interface and a thorough help system. Basic Operating Tasks[ edit ] Moving the Mouse[ edit ] The mouse controls the movement of an on-screen pointer, called the cursor, that often appears as a small white arrow.

When you move the mouse, the pointer on-screen moves too, usually in the same direction as the mouse. In other words, move the mouse toward you to move the on-screen pointer toward the bottom of the screen, notes of basic computer courses move the mouse to the away from you and the arrow moves to the top, and so on.

You indicate to the computer what parts of the screen you want to interact with by placing the pointer over those areas on the screen.

Computer Networking | Udacity

Keyboard[ edit ] The keyboard is used for inputting text into the computer. It is designed so that users can type all the letters of the alphabet without moving their hands.


Many programs from word processors to media players utilize the keyboard. The numbers at the right of the keyboard can work in two ways.

Computer Networking

While in normal mode, the keys will function as another set of arrow keys, in num lock mode, they will instead be an alternate way of inputting numbers. This notes of basic computer courses mainly useful when putting in more than a few digits at a time, when using the numbers over the letters becomes more of a hassle than a time saving method.

The keys labeled F1, F2, F

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