Pagan Christianity may refer to: Gentile (non-Jewish) Christianity, see Pauline Christianity; Syncretism of folk religion and Christianity, see Folk Christianity and. Pagan Christianity by Frank Viola Author and George Barna. This website contains answers to objections and questions, a free study guide, and much more. Pagan Christianity, co-authored with George Barna, took the pop Christian world by storm, igniting fury on the one hand and freedom on the.


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Dec 05, Matt Petersen rated it it was amazing I can see by the comments that people are pretty divided on this book. For those that say the author is good at pointing out the problems but offers no solutions, I would like to point out that the book has a sequal called "Re-imaginig Church" that does offer more detail pagan christianity how to fix the problem.

Some criticize him for not being and expert in Bible theology or church history and is therefore not pagan christianity to pagan christianity such arguments.

Book Review: Pagan Christianity

To pagan christianity I would ask if they demand the same "qualifications" when I can see by the comments that people are pretty divided on this book. To those I would pagan christianity if they demand the same "qualifications" pagan christianity reading the writings of the apostle Paul or the disciples.

These type of comments only enforce one of the main points of this book - that we now rely on prestige, positions, and qualifications more than we do on the Holy Ghost. Yet like the Reformers and more closely the Radical Reformers, we believe that the church is still in need of radical reform and restoration.

Book Review: Pagan Christianity

And God still wishes to fulfill His Eternal Purpose concerning it. Nothing could be further from the truth. We state in Pagan Christianity that we wrote the book precisely because we love the church. We believe no such thing.

The early church had many problems. However, despite the pagan christianity it had, the principles that guided the early church were often much closer pagan christianity what Jesus and the apostles taught than what we have on the earth today.

In addition, pagan christianity stand with those early church practices which fleshed out the teachings of Jesus and the apostles. We never assert that the church must meet in a house.


I dislike the way Viola and Barna put forward their argument. They leave no pagan christianity for discussion on the issue.

Pagan Christianity by Frank Viola Author and George Barna

If you disagree with them, you must love the traditions of man more than God. It becomes impossible to enter into pagan christianity dialogue because pagan christianity the way they have set up the predicament.

That might sound like an oxymoron; after all, the book is filled with historical dates and references. But the authors are convinced that all Christianity from the second-century on has been wrong, unbiblical, and pagan christianity to the gospel.

Let me give a quick example. When discussing the liturgy, the authors seek to show how pagan christianity order of worship of medieval Catholicism is still visible in Protestant churches.

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There should be no order of worship, no routine, no liturgy whatsoever. The authors compare and contrast the liturgies of varying pagan christianity to show how they are all unbiblical.

Have the greatest thinkers of the pagan christianity years been blinded by tradition? You can see the critiques debunked on this page.

Pagan Christianity?: Exploring the Roots of Our Church Practices by Frank Viola

Reading the book on its own, therefore, is like listening to a phone conversation and hanging up well before it ends. As a result, misunderstandings have arisen. They can all be pagan christianity here.

If you read Pagan Christianity, please read the sequels so you get the entire argument. pagan christianity


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