Custom Cleric Spell Cards - Dungeons and Dragons - DnD 5e. CarinaTous . Printable Blank Spell Cards for Spell books in DnD/Pathfinder PDF Digital File. For use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game players and GMs! Ultimate Spell Decks: Cleric Spell Cards are printable forms for players and GMs alike which. Buy Cleric Spell Card Deck II [Pathfinder]: Card Games - โœ“ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.


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My personal favorite is Pathfinder Scorespell.

: Cleric Spell Card Deck I [Pathfinder]: Toys & Games

Scorespell is an excel spreadsheet accompanying Pathfinder Scoreforge, an automated spreadsheet designed for character record-keeping.

The tool will let you enjoy a spreadsheet printout that lists all your spells, has a column you can check off to account for which spells are prepared, and pathfinder cleric spell cards a short description of every spell.

In addition, the spreadsheet can generate sheets of spell cards with all of the rules information for every spell in your spellbook.


This, alone, is reason enough to favor this tool over most others available, as acquiring similar spell cards will cost you money and will include a less complete library of spells. Metamagic Card I've got metamagic cards for each of the feats from the Core Rulebook.

They're front and back, with different ones on each side, and I've staggered them such that the same pair of metamagic feats appears twice, meaning that pathfinder cleric spell cards 4 sets 2 in deck 1, 1 each in decks 2 and 3 gives you up pathfinder cleric spell cards 8 of each metamagic.

Prepared Multiple cards For tracking spells prepared multiple times or with metamagic applied, I've also included some 'prepared X times' cards.

This particular setup here would indicate that Magic Missile is prepared pathfinder cleric spell cards in first level slots, and once in a fourth-level slot.

The back side of the prepared multiple cards have prepared three times, and prepared four times written on them.

Pathfinder Resources

This is being done as a Pathfinder Compatible product. Pathfinder is a registered trademark of Paizo Inc.

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Pathfinder and associated marks and logos are trademarks of Paizo Inc. My gaming group has been playing with versions of them since March.


Basically, this Kickstarter is to get them printed as a professional product. The design work is finished and all that pathfinder cleric spell cards left is to have them printed in quantity. The printing company I've chosen has shown they can make a high quality product.

The creative work is effectively finished.


I've got the images all produced pathfinder cleric spell cards have done a test print of the decks as they will appear. I've partnered with a printing company that will produce the cards from my images.

They do good work- I've had something like 25 decks produced for me and my gaming group's use, and in testing different designs and cardstocks.

In the event that there are problems with the printing company, there are at least two other companies I've identified that can perform the same work using my templates. I've got the shipping boxes and method picked out already USPS. The anticipated timeline goes something like: Expect to get your pathfinder cleric spell cards mid to late January.

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