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The Little Prince ( film) - Wikipedia

Plot[ edit ] An ambitious young mother imposes a life plan for her daughter that leaves no time for leisure, all for her to enroll in the prestigious Werth Academy. The girl, however, becomes distracted by her elderly retired aviator neighbor, who tells her the story of the "Little Prince", claiming that he encountered pdf o pequeno principe filme in the Sahara after crash-landing there.

The aviator recounts the Little Prince asking him to draw a sheep. Lacking skill, he drew a box instead, explaining that a sheep was inside, satisfying the Little Prince. The girl and the aviator continue to read and play together without the mother's knowledge.

The aviator tells the girl about the Little Prince's home, " Asteroid B", covered in baobab sprouts.

Rio O Filme Download Dublado Avi O Pequeno Principe Gratis Filme

He states that after clearing away the sprouts, the Little Prince found and nurtured a Rose into maturity. Despite becoming his friend, she was rather selfish, which caused the Little Prince to travel to elsewhere with a flock of birds.

Pdf o pequeno principe filme meeting some adults on other asteroids, he eventually landed on Earth, meeting and taming a red fox. After a while, the fox bid goodbye to the Little Prince, advising him to always see with his heart.

The aviator gives the girl a stuffed fox as a gift, telling her that he will leave soon to go find the prince. The two decide to go out for free "birthday" pancakes; when pulled over by a police officer, the aviator is revealed pdf o pequeno principe filme have no license and the officer returns the girl home.

Roteiro O pequeno Príncipe

Realizing that she has not been following the plan, her mother redoubles her daughter's assignments. Nevertheless, the girl continues to read pdf o pequeno principe filme story of the Little Prince, secretly visiting the aviator to find out pdf o pequeno principe filme story's ending.

The aviator tells her that the Little Prince had succumbed to a venomous snake bite in order to be reunited with his beloved Rose. Although the aviator assures the girl that he firmly believes the Little Prince succeeded, she is so upset by the dark twist to the story that she wishes she had never met the aviator or heard the story.

Towards the summer's end, the aviator is hospitalized. Wanting to put things right, the girl sets off in search of the Little Prince.

Escaping through the gutter, the girl falls into the aviator's yard and blacks out. After she awakens, the girl, accompanied by her now-conscious stuffed fox probably the reincarnation of the real one and the Little Prince's story pages, flies the aviator's plane into space.

After encountering a police officer and an elevator operator — the "Conceited Man" and "the King" from the story — they finally find the Pdf o pequeno principe filme Prince, who has become an adult named "Mr. Prince" and works as a janitor for the Businessman, having no recollection of his past.

Prince accordingly takes the girl to an "academy" where she is to be "reconditioned" as an adult by a machine by a tall, slim, sinister Teacher. Recognizing the drawing of pdf o pequeno principe filme sheep's box from the aviator's pages, which he still keeped the original due to his amnesia, he believe that it might be importantMr.

Prince began recovers his memories and saves the girl from the same fate that he had.

They escape together and liberate of all of the stars from the Businessman's glass vault, which return to their rightful place in the sky. The girl and the fox then take Mr. Prince back to B, which is overgrown with baobabs.

They pdf o pequeno principe filme the Rose dead, but seeing her image in the sunrise, the baobabs disappear and Mr. Prince turns back to his younger self, giving him renewed hope.


The girl and the fox return home, accompanied by another flock of birds.

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