Setting Up PowerTeacher Gradebook I. Installing the new Gradebook. . can press and hold CTRL+L. Mac users can press and hold. LAUNCH POWERTEACHER THAT. PROTECTS AGAINST PowerTeacher Gradebook that protects against Java updates. Enjoy all of the and Mac platforms. Watch this video demonstration to learn how to access PowerTeacher Gradebook as a teacher. Click the Play button to continue. For more information on how to.


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What has changed with PowerTeacher Gradebook 2. There is a new way to launch PowerTeacher Gradebook that protects against Java updates. Is that still true? Can Powerschool gradebook mac have PowerTeacher Gradebook on my desktop?

PowerTeacher Gradebook Best Practices and Tips | Staff

You can add a new desktop shortcut with three easy installation steps: Click the Installer link and follow the on-screen instructions to set up the new powerschool gradebook mac.

You must run the setup one time on each system you use to access the Gradebook. Enter the score using one of the following: Powerschool gradebook mac score appears on the Scoresheet as the cursor advances to the next assignment field.

On the Score Inspector window, type the score in the score box.

If your PowerTeacher grade book won't open - Regional School District 10

Use the Up and Down arrows Next to the student's name to repeat for each student, then click Close to save. Mark Assignments as Collected, Late, powerschool gradebook mac Exempt. Click in the assignment column of the powerschool gradebook mac for whom you want to enter an assignment status: Click Close to save.

Add a Score Comment Open the Score Inspector and select the assignment of the student you want to update. Use the Previous and Next arrows to repeat step 2 for each student, if desired.

Extra Credit Options Add extra points to an assignment. For example, a student can receive a score of on an assignment worth points.

This works best when the extra credit problems are part of the original assignment. Create an assignment with 0 powerschool gradebook mac.

This way, the assignment will not count against any student who does not have a score for it.


The assignment could be in any category. Comments that print on report cards need to be entered in the Attendance Class for elementary students.


Insert comments by either double clicking a comment or clicking a comment one time then click on the Insert Selected Comments button.

Click OK to accept changes or Cancel to ignore changes.

Power Teacher Best Practices

Close the Score Inspector. Upon closing, the changes will be saved.

Note that comments may also be entered by typing text in the comment box. Once comments have been added to a score, a little blue "c" powerschool gradebook mac icon will display next to the score on the Spreadsheet view.


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