View Quodlibet, Blaumeise über Spielkarte, Notenhandschrift, Buchseite and others by Christian Gottlob Winterschmidt on artnet. Browse upcoming and past. Quodlibet by Multikulti Project, released 25 May Kurt Weill: Quodlibet. Our composers; |; Kurt Weill work: Pantomime · Next work: Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny. Kurt Weill Quodlibet. Quodlibet.


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The Quodlibet as Represented in Bach's Final Goldberg Variation BWV /30 [by Thomas Braatz]

Quodlibet is an interesting tune. Quodlibet noten virtual Bach's comment; "There was a certain reason why I made the 30th variation into Quodlibet, which means a random mixture.

The Russian ambassador to the electoral court quodlibet noten Saxony in Dresden, Count Keyserlingk, admired my music kindly for a long time. Six years ago, in the yearthe Count made a great effort for me to be designated as the court composer of the electoral court of Saxony. In fact, the Count himself brought me the information of designation.

That year, I went to the capital quodlibet noten the electoral court of Saxony, Dresden, and on the 1st of December I made a memorial performance in order to express quodlibet noten gratitude using a newly made organ by Jilbermann, an organ manufacturer for the Saint Mary Church.


Count Keyserlingk was there and later sent me a letter saying that my performance was impressive. So, I visited his mansion to thank to quodlibet noten the things he made for me.

Kurt Weill: Quodlibet

The Count quodlibet noten received my visit, and we talked about favorite music and about other many things. Then we became like old friends. Since then the Count stopped by my house when he had business in Leipzig.

In these years, his honorable son is studying here at the Leipzig University, so the Count had frequent quodlibet noten to come to this city. One day when the Count dropped at my home, the Bach's family music party had taken place.

Sing along! Singt mit! (Michael Gohl) » Noten für gemischten Chor

quodlibet noten With the Count presence, my family and friends had hesitation unusually. But as time passed, usual cheerfulness came back finally.

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So not only serious music but also funny and popular songs in the street were played and sung. For the Count it was a peculiar experience. Among many quodlibet noten, one girl ;"I've not been with you for so long. Come closer, closer, closer. Quodlibet noten my mother cooked some meat, then I'd have strayed much longer.

So I memorized it. On thet day no one made any Quodlibets using these two songs.

J. S. Bach's "Leipzig" Chorale Preludes: Music, Text, Theology - Anne Leahy - Google Books

But many other Quodlibets had been made and enjoyed. The Count said to me later that there were lots of funny songs like Quodlibet. Quodlibet noten I decided to make new Quodlibet based on these two songs.

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