The written response strategy used during the study was termed RACE. RACE is an acronym that reminds students of the specific criteria needed in a quality written response. The strategy is a tool to help students write more thorough, elaborated, and structured responses to text. strategy card the student will organize their response using the. RACE writing strategy. 6. Your lessons can include the cards as an DO NOW/ bell ringer, exit slip. Using the RACE strategy is an effective way to help students answer Have the students restate the question orally and in writing (leaving the.


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Curriculum & Technology

The strategy was taught to sixth grade students in an average level race writing strategy class in order to determine if it helps students write more thorough, elaborated, and organized responses to texts. The students were given a pre-assessment prior to learning the RACE strategy and a post assessment upon three months of practice applying the strategy in their own written responses.

Students in classrooms across the nation are being asked to demonstrate their reading comprehension of both expository race writing strategy narrative texts through their written responses on state and district assessments. The Common Core State Standards CCSSwhich have been accepted by forty-five states, emphasize higher-level comprehension skills to a greater degree than previous standards.


Reading and writing are equally important according to the new standards. Reading is now being assessed through student writing.

The current study was designed to determine the effectiveness of using RACE as a response strategy when composing a written response to text.

RACE is an acronym that reminds students race writing strategy the specific criteria needed in a quality written response. The R in RACE represents the topic sentence in which the student restates the question, framing the entire response.

The C represents the text citations, which are needed to support the answers. Finally, the E reminds the student to explain how textual evidence supports the race writing strategy, concluding the responses.

Freebie: RACE Strategy foldable for writing or answering questions

In the past decade there has been an emphasis on the connection between reading and writing. Both involve critical thinking skills.

Under the new Common Core Standards, by the third grade students are expected to explicitly refer to the text and cite specific examples and pages to support their written responses. By fifth grade, students must accurately use quotes from the text to explicitly explain their answers.

As a reading teacher, I frequently ask my students to demonstrate their thinking about race writing strategy text through an open-ended written response.

In the book, Pathways to the Common Core, Race writing strategy et al.

ELA: R.A.C.E. Writing Strategy « Curriculum & Technology

The more students write about literature the more proficient they become with reading and writing; therefore, their reading comprehension increases.

Students need specific strategies when writing an open-ended response text. The transfer of knowledge between reading and writing is race writing strategy automatic. Many students struggle with writing quality race writing strategy to the open-ended comprehension questions on reading assessments.

race writing strategy Teachers do their best to explain to students how to formulate race writing strategy write a written response to text, but there is no specific formula that students learn year after year for something they are constantly asked to do.

Students now more than ever need to be able to effectively demonstrate their reading comprehension through their written responses with the new Common Core Standards that are currently taking effect.

Student responses and scores on district and state testing are compared between classrooms as well as between different schools and districts within each state. To help students write clear and logical responses to text, race writing strategy need to be familiar with the expository text structure.

In addition, several teachers that I spoke with at the elementary and race writing strategy level also expressed that getting students to write quality responses to text was a common challenge.

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