(1)Department of Diagnostic Radiology, University of Kentucky Medical Center, Atelectasis is one of the most commonly encountered abnormalities in chest. Jump to Lobar atelectasis - On the PET-CT a lungneoplasm is seen with subsequent atelectasis of the right upper lobe due to obstruction of the upper lobe  ‎Lobar consolidation · ‎Multifocal · ‎Differential diagnosis on · ‎Rounded atelectasis. Chest Radiology > Pathology > Atelectasis > Right Lung. Right Lung Atelectasis. Right Upper Lobe. Right upper lobe atelectasis is easily detected as the lobe.


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This is most often associated with post-op patients and those with massive hepatosplenomegaly or ascites. Note the loss of the right heart border silhouette radiologi atelectasis to partial atelectasis of the RML.

Atelectasis is usually, but not always, a benign radiologi atelectasis as in this example which was caused by an endobronchial radiologi atelectasis in the RML.

For descriptive purposes, atelectasis can be divided into the following types: Resorption atelectasis is caused by resorption of alveolar air distal to obstructing lesions of the airways; adhesive atelectasis stems from surfactant deficiency; passive atelectasis is caused by simple pneumothorax, diaphragmatic dysfunction, or hypoventilation; compressive atelectasis is due to tension pneumothorax, space-occupying intrathoracic lesions, or abdominal distention; cicatrization atelectasis stems from pulmonary fibrosis; and gravity-dependent atelectasis is the result of gravity-dependent alterations in alveolar volume.

radiologi atelectasis What are the findings and what is the differential diagnosis? Notice that there are multiple densities in both lungs.

Chest X-Ray - Lung disease

The larger ones are ill-defined and maybe there is an air-bronchogram in the right lower lobe. Probably we are dealing with radiologi atelectasis consolidations, but one might also consider the possibility of multiple ill-defined masses. There is a peripheral distribution.

This patient had a several month history of chronic non-productive cough, that did not respond to antibiotics. radiologi atelectasis

So we are radiologi atelectasis with the differential diagnosis of chronic consolidation. The lab-findings were normal which makes bronchoalveolar carcinoma and lymphoma less likely.

There was no eosinophilia, which excludes eosinophilic pneumonia. Wegener's granulomatosis Wegener's is a collagen vascular disease radiologi atelectasis vasculitis involving the lung, kidney and sinuses.

Types and mechanisms of pulmonary atelectasis.

In the lung the vasculitis radiologi atelectasis infarcts which first present as ill-defined areas of consolidation. In a later stage radiologi atelectasis infarcts become more circumscribed and can be seen as multiple nodules or masses, sometimes with cavitation.

Here a patient with non-specific findings.


There are radiologi atelectasis densities in the right lung, which proved to be a manifestation of Wegener's. Interstitial disease Most of our knowledge about imaging findings in interstitial lung disease comes from HRCT. On HRCT there are four patterns: On a Chest X-Ray it can be very difficult to determine whether there is interstitial lung disease and what kind of pattern we are dealing radiologi atelectasis.

On a CXR the most common pattern is reticular. The ground-glass pattern is frequently not detected on a chest x-ray. The cystic radiologi atelectasis is also difficult to appreciate on a cest x-ray.

Types and mechanisms of pulmonary atelectasis.

When radiologi atelectasis cysts have thick walls like in Langerhans cell histiocytosis or honeycombing, it frequently presents as a reticular pattern on a CXR.

However sometimes an interstitial pattern can be seen and in radiologi atelectasis cases UIP can be suspected based on the x-ray findings.

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Cystic versus Reticular It radiologi atelectasis be difficult to determine whether we are dealing with a reticular pattern or a cystic pattern. LCH is called a cystic disease.

Radiologi atelectasis the CXR it is difficult to see if this is a cystic or a reticular pattern.

In many of such cases a HRCT will radiologi atelectasis you more information. This problem is also seen in patients with UIP.

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