With the latest version of SAP Business One, SAP Business One , comes great new features and enhancements for the single, integrated, and affordable ERP. Using coresuite products with SAP Business One We are pleased to announce that the following coresuite products are released and. According to the defined Roadmap, SAP has released its next version of SAP Business One ERP- Find out What's new in SAP B1 !


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The default BOM set for this item will display in the production order row level and populate the planned quantity fields of the required quantity of the components needed to complete the planned quantity of the Parent item.

SAP Library - SAP Business One

The default BOM for the parent item will automatically display in the production order. If the components of the Parent Item required by your Customers are not fixed or set then it will not be practical to setup sap business one 9 0 BOM to try to anticipate the variant needed to meet their requirements.

For Special Type Production orders the components are manually selected at the same time of the Production Order is getting created. Note that you can also control the issue method here in the production order if necessary.

This option can be utilize when we want to separate into individual physical parts the assembled Sap business one 9 0 Goods Item. It might be necessary to disassemble a Parent item because you need to sell the component items as individual part.

Not ideal but possible.

SAP Business One Core Production Module Applications

Four sub-levels sap business one 9 0 available to setup required hierarchical structure in any warehouse of SAP Business One. If this functionality is activated then several forms will be available to maintain bin location master data within SAP Business One.

In marketing documents the bin-location column in content tab will be appeared if any item, which is related to any bin location, is used. Dedicated and separate forms and menus are now available to manage inventory taking processes.


Analytics for inventory counting is also introduced to assist inventory counting. XLReporter is not supported by Officebut may be available in a later Patch Level or version update.

SAP Business One 9.

10 Must Know Upgrade Implications for SAP Business One

Once Business One certified, SQL will be the optimal server of choice as it will have the ability to run in-memory, which provides a greater performance boost and is ideal to handle complex application setups.

You have the option to run some applications in a sap business one 9 0 environment and others in a bit environment. This is important to consider because bit environments perform complex processes much faster and provide overall greater system performance.

Here are some of the most important new features in version 9.


Going HANA dependent is a complex process due to the fact all custom reports, queries, dashboards, etc. This option is ideal for companies who seek the latest cutting-edge technology for their business and who strive to become industry leaders.

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